Cloth Donation Charities in Ireland

Jon Tyrell

Jon Tyrell

Rather than allowing old garments to gather dust and wear out, consider donating them to cloth donation charities. By and large, these organizations play a crucial role in redistributing clothing to those in need. Also, it is one great way to reduce textile waste and support sustainable practices.


cloth donation
cloth donation


  • St. Vincent de Paul accepts donated clothing and sells it for a reasonable price.
  • Simon Community runs thrift stores that accept clothing donations.


Top Cloth Donation Charities in Ireland

In a world of fast fashion and constant trends, it is easy to accumulate an overwhelming amount of clothing. However, you can contribute to sustainability by donating these items to charities. Hence, in this article, we will explore some of the prominent cloth donation charities in Ireland and highlight their efforts towards building a better, more equitable society.

1. St. Vincent de Paul (SVP)

St. Vincent de Paul, often called SVP, is one of Ireland’s oldest and most renowned charities. Established in 1844, SVP works tirelessly to alleviate poverty by providing practical assistance to individuals and families in need. Alongside their support in food, housing, and education, SVP runs numerous thrift shops across the country. These shops accept cloth donations and sell them at affordable prices, making them accessible to individuals with limited resources.

2. Oxfam Ireland

Oxfam Ireland is part of the global Oxfam network. The organization focuses on fighting poverty and injustice worldwide. With a strong emphasis on sustainable practices, Oxfam operates several charity shops throughout Ireland. These shops accept donations of clothing, accessories, and household items, which are then sold to fund Oxfam’s various programs. By donating your unused clothes to the organization, you contribute to their efforts in creating lasting solutions for communities affected by poverty.

3. Dress for Success Dublin

Dress for Success Dublin is a unique organization that empowers women to achieve economic independence. By providing professional attire, career development tools, and ongoing support, they enable women to thrive in the workplace. This charity accepts donations of professional clothing, including suits, shoes, and accessories, to help women make a positive first impression during job interviews and beyond. By donating to Dress for Success Dublin, you directly impact a woman’s journey toward a brighter future.

4. Enable Ireland

Enable Ireland provides support to children and adults with disabilities in Ireland. Alongside their comprehensive range of services, Enable Ireland operates charity shops across the country. These shops accept donations of clothing and other items, with the proceeds directly benefiting individuals with disabilities and their families. By donating your unused clothes to Enable Ireland, you contribute to creating a more inclusive society where everyone has equal opportunities.

5. Simon Community

Simon Community is a well-established charity working to combat homelessness and provide support to those at risk. In addition to their housing and outreach services, Simon Community operates charity shops that accept clothing donations. These shops not only generate income for their initiatives but also offer affordable clothing options to individuals who may be struggling financially. By donating clothes to Simon Community, you actively contribute to their mission of ending homelessness in Ireland.


Cloth donation charities in Ireland have contributed to addressing various social issues. Some of these notable areas of impact include poverty, sustainability, and inclusivity. By donating your unwanted clothing to these organizations, you not only declutter your wardrobe but also make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

Whether it’s providing affordable clothing, empowering women, supporting individuals with disabilities, or aiding the homeless, these charities ensure that your donated garments find a new purpose. Let’s embrace the spirit of giving and join hands with cloth donation charities to create a more compassionate and equitable Ireland.

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