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How to Set Up A Charitable Giving Program

Setting up a charitable giving program can be a rewarding way to give back to your community and make a positive impact on the causes you care about.     All charities should have a mission and goal. It is important to also have a

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More on Donation Receipts

Donation Receipts are an important artifact in proving that a donation is indeed tax deductible. Essentially, they are valid proof of charitable giving, enabling taxpayers to make tax deduction claims. Hence, it is important to understand the standards and prerequisites for legitimate donation receipts.   

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What to Include in Your Nonprofit Content Calendar

A content calendar is a tool used by organizations to plan and execute their content strategy. This includes any textual or graphic content you intend to post on your website, email, social media, or print. Hence, content is planned and scheduled for publication at a

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Community Outreach Initiatives for Nonprofits

Community outreach entails connecting and interacting with communities, creating relationships, increasing awareness, and ensuring that the activities carried out are intentional. An outreach program is a community engagement tool that can be utilized for impactful purposes in an organization.     The world’s changemakers are

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Nonprofit Guide to Financial Management

I Introduction Although profitability is not the primary goal of most nonprofit organizations: unlike for-profit businesses, nonprofits do not seek to maximize revenues. Nonprofits need efficiency in handling resources for multiple reasons including (for grants and fundraising) showing to Foundations and Donors that they are

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Why Consider a Year-End Donation Receipt

In the dynamic world of nonprofit organizations, the impact of each donation resonates far and wide. As we bid adieu to one year and welcome the promise of another, nonprofits and donors share a moment of reflection on the collective strides made. Also, amid this

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Top Five Community Living Programs

Community living programs empower community leaders, social workers, and students with disabilities to engage in skill training opportunities. Some of this training can be in areas such as safety, personal finances, housekeeping, personal care, and nutrition, among others.     CLASS seeks to promote community

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How Community Outreach Can Boost Access and Awareness

Community outreach is the practice of carrying out public awareness actions through a broad context (county-wide) or focused approach (community-specific). Thus, individuals within an organization make efforts to link their ideas or practices to the general population.     Conduct an assessment to determine the

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