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10 Socially Responsible Businesses in Nigeria

It is without a doubt that socially responsible companies tend to attract more consumers and stakeholders. This in turn results in improved sales and customer loyalty. The 21st-century business operates in a highly competitive market with a myriad of options available to consumers. One effective

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10 Socially Responsible Businesses in Tanzania

More companies have begun to incorporate socially responsible principles into their operations. This proves that there is more awareness of the importance of sustainability for corporations. By and large, this will allow companies to proactively address potential issues that can constitute a threat to the

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How Charity Walks Can Benefit Nonprofits

Charity walks constitute one of the most embraced methods for people and organizations to raise funds and awareness. In these events, participants walk a certain distance to demonstrate their support and allegiance to a particular charity or cause. For the most part, a charity walk

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10 Socially Responsible Businesses in Canada

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) constitutes a company’s voluntary efforts to enhance its community’s quality of life. This could be through social, environmental, or economic programs. Essentially, socially responsible enterprises make deliberate efforts to impact their region of operation.      The interrelationships between the community,

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Strategies for Organizing Fundraising Events

With just one charity event, such as a quiz night, curry night, or an international occasion, several charitable organizations were able to successfully reach their fundraising target. All things considered, fundraising events are powerful tools for NGOs to give their supporters a unique, thrilling, and

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Top Five Volunteer Organizations in Singapore

Volunteer organizations through the help of volunteers offer crucial support during crisis periods as well as times of peace. Also, some of these nonprofits wouldn’t be able to preserve their operations without the help of volunteers. In this article, we will consider some of the

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Top Five Volunteer Organizations in the Bahamas

A large number of nonprofits rely heavily on volunteers and this is most especially true for volunteer organizations. Volunteerism doesn’t just offer benefits to nonprofits and other community organizations. It also provides benefits to the volunteers. In this article, we will consider some of the

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Top Five Volunteer Organizations in Jamaica

Volunteer organizations do not have a direct revenue stream. As a result, they depend on other sectors for financial resources such as government funding, corporate sponsorship, or donation. Likewise, volunteers constitute the primary human resource for volunteer organizations.     The Environmental Foundation of Jamaica

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What is a Nonprofit Financial Budget?

A Financial budget outlines economic plans that estimate long-term and short-term revenue and spending. This type of expenditure typically includes elements of other budget preparation strategies such as cash flow, balance sheet, and revenues. This article will consider the basics of financial budgeting and why

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Financial Planning Components for Nonprofits

Financial planning is a process that allows you to clearly define your goals and preserve the value of your organization. Hence, such planning must be effectively carried out even before the funds are available.      Effective financial planning is critical to accomplishing an organization’s

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