10 Most Socially Responsible Businesses in Ireland

Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

A growing number of socially responsible businesses are responding to consumer concerns over social and environmental issues. Evidently, some enterprises are joining (and occasionally leading) the fight to address those issues and create sustainable capitalist systems.

In this article, we will consider some of the most notable socially responsible businesses in Ireland.


Socially responsible businesses
Socially responsible businesses


  • CSR initiatives can take on different forms for various businesses
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs are being incorporated more and more into businesses, and companies are participating in critical social initiatives


Top ten most socially responsible Irish businesses 

CSR initiatives can take on different forms for various businesses. But they often involve programs that focus on generating money for charity. Other areas include improving working conditions, and promoting social advantages including health care, volunteering, and environmental awareness.

Here are a few outstanding socially responsible initiatives by enterprises that are most commendable.

1. Food Cloud

FoodCloud has created a distinctive system that links companies with extra food to local charities. The approach makes use of cutting-edge technology to get over some of the conventional obstacles that stores confront when donating extra food. In Ireland, FoodCloud works with retail partners like Tesco to create and test these services.

Over 1 million meals from 170 stores have been donated to 350 charities in Ireland and the UK by FoodCloud in the past year.

2. Zurich

Zurich takes pride in its dedication to improving the local communities where it operates. Likewise, the socially responsible enterprise also supports several significant initiatives across the nation. Several charities including Aware, Pieta House, and the Windmill Therapeutic Unit in Wexford have benefited from the company’s recurring fundraising and volunteer programs.

Zurich’s assistance is also helping organizations like Rethink Ireland’s Innovate Together Fund to provide funding for social innovation initiatives.

3. Paradoxx

Paradoxx is an Irish haircare company that is bringing attention to the surprising amount of trash that is produced in their sector. Not to mention, they are the first 90% plastic-free hair care brand in the world. This demonstrates how environmentally and socially responsible the company is.

Yolanda Cooper, the company’s founder, came up with the business idea. This was after realizing that her haircare products weren’t as environmentally friendly as her skincare or clothing items.

4. Gas Networks Ireland

Gas Networks Ireland has demonstrated their commitment to biodiversity through the Seed for Nature initiative. This strategy, which was unveiled in April 2019, consists of a number of approaches to align their operations with the best practices for biodiversity. Essentially, the goal is to have a net positive impact on biodiversity through its operations and infrastructure developments.

5. Hotel Doolin

The Hotel Doolin in Doolin, County Clare, started their Green Team Initiative in 2013 as a means of transitioning into a carbon-neutral hotel. This includes, among other things, cultivating their fruits and vegetables and planting trees following each wedding hosted by the hotel. Also, as part of its Green Program, the hotel does not provide plastic bottles for sale on its property.

6. Eiravato

Eiravato provides governments and businesses with the tools to convert post-production waste into a useful resources by putting the concepts of the circular economy into practice.

Also, by switching from standard waste codes (EWC) to CIRMY, a thorough material-specific classification that takes into account a material’s DNA, Eiravato is able to deliver Waste Digitization that exceeds the best recycling practices now in use. This method represents a revolution in how we think about waste.

7. Mitie

In February 2018, Mitie began its CSR adventure with the Peter McVerry Trust. The Mitie team sought a CSR partner who would put its front-line staff on an important project where they could contribute significantly as a team.

Furthermore, in order to leave a lasting legacy for the communities in which the company serves and also create a better future for all, Mitie strives to be a leader in the facilities management (FM) sector. The aim is to generate social values through routine operations.

Mities’ ESG Report (ESG is a framework used to evaluate and measure the ethical and sustainability-related performance of organizations) also highlights important accomplishments for each of its five framework pillars: innovation, environment, people, community, and a responsible supply chain. Its new “Plan Zero” commitment, which is the industry’s first, commits the company to having net-zero carbon emissions by 2025.

8. Saint Goblain

Saint Goblain’s production and distribution companies operate with the goal of respecting the rights of individuals while simultaneously safeguarding the environment. This socially responsible enterprise also believes that it can positively impact the adoption of sustainable best practices in various fields. This is by reducing the use of natural resources, enhancing recycling and material recovery, and protecting the health and well-being of its personnel.

Through its suppliers and clients, Saint Goblin is able to advance its sustainability agenda through education, training, advocacy, and eco-innovation.

9. O’Dwyer

O’Dwyer’s CSR initiative was established to improve how it operates, generate value, and ensure that the interests of its business and the larger society are compatible and mutually beneficial.

The company’s fundraising events seek to aid Ireland citizens who are struggling to provide for their families. Also, a few examples of its eco-friendly initiatives include providing O’Dwyer’s fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles, minimizing paper use, lowering workplace energy use, and promoting walking, bicycling, and public transportation.

10. BDO Northern Ireland

Support for CSR has a long history at BDO Northern Ireland. Several of the company’s initiatives have assisted in raising money for significant and deserving causes. BDO often organizes fundraising events including “Happy Friday” gatherings, coffee mornings, Halloween dress-up days, and volunteering days, among others.

Every two years, the BDO CSR committee designates a charity that they will support and center their fund-raising efforts around. The socially responsible enterprise has also partnered with the regional charity, Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke to support their charitable efforts.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs are being incorporated more and more into businesses, and companies are participating in critical social initiatives. Simply put, social responsibility is a smart business practice, and not adopting such activity as an enterprise can negatively impact the balance sheet.

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