Charity Grants for Nonprofits in South Sudan

Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

Access to funds largely determines the effective operation of a nonprofit. Hence, NGOs must seek a variety of cash sources such as charity grants to stay relevant as well as impact society. 

Grants are one respectable and well-known option for funding. The significant amount enables NGOs to launch lengthy and extensive community projects.

In this article, we will consider various funding opportunities for nonprofits in South Sudan. 


Charity grants
Charity grants


  • The competition for numerous charitable grants can oftentimes be fierce 
  • Likewise, discovering funding opportunities involves thorough, pertinent research
  • The mission of a charitable organization must coincide with its funding applications


Where can NGOs obtain charity grants in South Sudan?

Organizations, corporations, and institutions as well as other entities provide grant opportunities to NGOs. However, nonprofits must seek the appropriate charity grants that support their objectives. 

These five funding opportunities outlined in this article can readily be accessed by small and large NGOs in South Sudan. Additionally, these organizations do not have complicated application processes.

1. Civil Society Facility (CSF) South Sudan

CSF provides several financial opportunities such as charity grants to nonprofits. The primary donor for CSF is the Netherlands, followed by the Embassies of Norway and Sweden.

The multi-donor fund was created to increase the ability of civil society organizations. These organizations are empowered to improve the lives and general well-being of communities and groups.

Organizations considered for grants comprise civil society networks, coalitions, alliances, and platforms including CBOs, NGOs, academic and research organizations, think tanks, professional groups, parent-teacher associations, and some types of corporate sector or economic associations.

The goal and concentration of the grants are to provide direct support to CSOs in South Sudan. Also, grants may be provided to improve and further the capacity development of regional CSOs by other actors, such as INGOs. 

2. Give Well

Give Well seeks to invest in the most economically advantageous opportunities that have the potential to significantly impact a large number of people. Hence, charity grants are awarded to initiatives with the greatest potential for impact.

Organizations that have a substantial footprint or run evidence-based programs are of particular interest to the foundation. Likewise, organizations involved in global health or research can apply for grants.

Numerous initiatives have enjoyed the support of Give Well. This especially comprises projects in the fields of international aid and development.

3. Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund (GMCTF)

The Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund (GMCTF) has been in existence for more than a century. Basically, the Trust provides small contributions such as charity grants to organizations and people. This is to provide educational support for the people of Sudan and South Sudan.

In general, GMCTF prioritizes supporting groups that improve South Sudan’s and Sudan’s access to higher education. Likewise, funding applications are considered when the applicant also has money from other sources.

A large number of GMCTF’s funds are allocated to organizations that support women’s education. Also, applications are accepted from 1 December through 28 February each year.

4. Madiro 

Each year, Madiro chooses grantees with initiatives that emphasize health, humanitarian, and suffering relief efforts. Charity grants are also given to fund game-changing breakthroughs in global health and to accelerate their adoption.

Madiro values projects with the potential for exponential growth, broad reach, and lasting influence. Further areas of interest include management and strategy, M&E and Research, Data science, software development, and Global health education initiatives among others. 

5. Start Network

By providing quick response funds to clandestine, small- to medium-scale situations, Start Network plays a significant role in the field of humanitarian aid. The network also provides charity grants to nonprofits to assist them in addressing various humanitarian needs.

Start Network is built on innovation: looking for new ways to affect systemic change that will result in a more effective humanitarian system.

The network generally discusses projections for impending calamities. Likewise, funds are disbursed 72 hours after a member raises a crisis alarm. As a result, the Start Fund is one of the fastest platforms in the world that provides immediate response to humanitarian aid.


In the arena of charitable grants, the battle for resources can be intense, with countless organizations vying for support. Unearthing these crucial opportunities demands not just diligence but a deep well of patience. And, that is precisely why we’ve crafted this article – to fortify the foundations of diverse community missions and to extend a helping hand to the unsung heroes, the small NGOs making a difference in South Sudan.

If you’ve found inspiration in these words, we welcome your thoughts and insights. Your valuable comments await at the bottom of this post, for together, we strengthen the tapestry of change.

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