Top Dog Charities in Ireland

Jon Tyrell

Jon Tyrell

There are several dog charities in Ireland doing amazing work to help dogs in need and promote responsible pet ownership. Dogs are often referred to as a man’s best friend, and in Ireland, there is no shortage of organizations dedicated to improving the lives of our furry companions. 


dog charities
dog charities


  • Dogs Trust Ireland is the largest dog welfare charity in Ireland
  • The Irish Blue Cross provides veterinary care for pets of owners who cannot afford it.

Irish Dog Charities to Support

There are lots of dogs in Ireland. However, they’re not all in wonderful circumstances. Fortunately, Ireland has a large number of dog charities that take care of dogs before finding them a loving home.

Nonetheless, you will need to locate the best dog charities whether you want to adopt a puppy or donate money to the cause. And in this post, we’ll examine Ireland’s top dog charities.

1. Dogs Trust Ireland

Dogs Trust Ireland is the largest dog welfare charity in Ireland. They work tirelessly to rescue and re-home dogs, and their ultimate goal is to ensure that no healthy dog is ever euthanized. Dogs Trust also offers a range of services, including neutering and microchipping, as well as education programs to promote responsible pet ownership.

2. Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind

Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind is a national charity with a dedication to helping people who are blind or vision impaired. They provide guide dogs, assistance dogs, and mobility training to improve the independence and quality of life of their clients. Irish Guide Dogs also offers a range of community-based services, including autism assistance dog programs.

3. Irish Blue Cross

Irish Blue Cross is a veterinary charity that provides low-cost veterinary care for pets belonging to people who cannot afford it. They also run a mobile veterinary clinic that visits communities across Ireland. This clinic provides much-needed care for pets in areas where access to veterinary services may be limited.

4. PAWS Animal Rescue

PAWS Animal Rescue is a volunteer-based organization that rescues and provides new homes for dogs and cats. They also deliver a range of other services, including fostering, veterinary care, and education programs. PAWS Animal Rescue relies solely on donations and fundraising to undertake its work.

5. Animal Care Society

The Animal Care Society is a registered charity that provides rescue, rehoming, and rehabilitation for animals in Ireland. They work primarily with dogs, cats, and horses, and their mission is to provide a safe and loving environment for animals in need.


These top dog charities in Ireland are doing amazing work to improve the lives of our furry friends. Whether you’re looking to adopt a dog or simply support a great cause, you may choose to consider any of these organizations. 

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