Top 5 Global Education Nonprofits

Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

Access to learning is one of the core development practices that has spurred several innovations across the globe. Hence, the impact of education nonprofits has a far wider reach in shaping regional and global development.

These organizations can be regarded as solution providers. Solving the problem of illiteracy is one great way to build a community and nation at large. Likewise, these institutions create opportunities for individuals who may not be able to afford the cost of education.

In this article, we will be considering a few of the top education nonprofits across the globe. These organizations have created significant impacts as they have no demographic target. Hence, people from all parts of the world are given access to various learning opportunities.


Education nonprofits
Education nonprofits


  • Solving the problem of illiteracy is one great way to build a community and nation at large
  • Hence, education nonprofits play a major role in bridging learning barrier gaps
  • Some of these organizations have become a primary learning platform for disaster-prone regions with no access to learning.


What are the top education nonprofits globally?

There are a number of charitable organizations providing diverse learning opportunities across the globe. However, the education nonprofits highlighted in this article stand out in their excellence of delivery as well as affordability. These five organizations are also recognized by several accredited bodies.

On this premise, we’ll go further to consider these entities as well as their various offerings.

1. Saylor Academy

Saylor Academy tops the list among the education nonprofits contributing to empowering students. Also, the courses offered are at the undergraduate and professional levels.

The academy was established in 1999 but commenced its academic course in 2008. In addition, the institution provides about 100 full-length and accredited courses for free.

Saylor Academy also established an Open Textbook Challenge for the creation of new materials. The nonprofit initiative seeks to provide open online courses for individuals regardless of location. These courses can also be completed at the learner’s pace.

The 501(c)(3) institution has its headquarters in Washington, District of Colombia. It was also founded by Michael J. Saylor, CEO of the business intelligence company, MicroStrategy.

2. edX

This education nonprofit initiative is a brainchild of both Harvard and MIT. edX was founded in 2012 to create high-quality online and on-campus learning for students worldwide. The institution achieves this by partnering with colleges, universities, and other corporations as well.

edX also teams up with philanthropic organizations to help gain accessibility and spur innovation for students globally.

The platform has over 2000 online courses that can be accessed for free. Students interested in earning a certificate may further choose to pay for the credential. These courses span 140 recognized institutions across the globe. Likewise, these subjects are taught by professional lecturers from renowned universities.

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy earlier began as a home-based tutoring program for kids. Presently, the education nonprofit has become a platform that serves millions across the globe.

The online academy seeks to provide free and quality education to students regardless of location. Given this, Khan partners with teachers and school districts spread across different countries of the world. Its credible partners comprise NASA, MIT, and The Museum of Modern Art among others. This alliance is for the purpose of creating a broad spectrum of subjects for students.

Furthermore, parents and teachers can monitor the progress of their children or ward in a specific subject. The platform provides a dashboard to track the student’s progress and suggest options for improvement.

Khan Academy courses are self-paced and students can access the lessons using a web browser. Also, no subscription or fee is required for interested participants.

4. Open Learn

The education nonprofit was launched in 2006 as a platform for global and free academic learning. The site has gained over 100 million visitors across 236 nations. Open Learn seeks to break down barriers to education by providing access to free learning resources. This in turn has attracted millions of students to the institution each year.

Learning formats are made available both offline and online. The platform has over 1000 short courses as well as thousands of articles. Also, students may choose to take part in quizzes and interactive games. Individuals who complete courses will earn a statement of participation. A few other courses provide free digital badges upon completion.

5. Lead Academy

Lead Academy is an education nonprofit that provides a platform for learning for children. Among the subject area include software expertise, creative arts, and business administration. These courses are made available at a competitive rate. Also, the membership academy allows subscribers to gain entry into several classes at an affordable rate.

There are no formal deadlines or teaching schedules. Hence, students can learn at their pace. Khan Academy also partners with diverse organizations including the CPD Certification Service, Pearson Edexcel, International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), and Signature, among others. This is to help deliver professional qualifications and development courses accredited and recognized in the UK and worldwide.


Education nonprofit organizations play a major role in bridging learning barrier gaps. Their impact cannot be overemphasized as they are effective tools for providing worldwide education opportunities. Some of these organizations have become a primary learning platform for disaster-prone regions with no access to learning. Hence, education nonprofits are a critical contributor to societal development.

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