What Is Giving Tuesday and Why Is It Practiced?

Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

On the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, individuals take the opportunity to start the holiday season by giving back to their communities. Hence, Giving Tuesday is a day designed to help the community by volunteering or providing financial donations to nonprofit organizations.


Giving Tuesday


  • More than 80 nations participate in Giving Tuesday 
  • The goal is to promote charitable giving, both via individual acts and by providing time and resources to nonprofit organizations 


What is Giving Tuesday?

In simple terms, Giving Tuesday is a worldwide day of giving when anyone, anywhere, may take action to support charitable organizations and local communities that are dear to them. It’s a day to honor and promote charitable giving in all of its forms.

One may choose to organize a fundraising event or set up a community event like a park clean-up or a coffee morning. Other activities that count include volunteering your time, money donation, sharing your skills, campaigning for a cause, and donating goods, food, or clothing. Likewise, corporations may choose to inspire and encourage their network to take action in support of a good cause. The list is truly interminable.

Why is Giving Tuesday Practiced?

Giving Tuesday was established to inspire individuals all around the world to focus on charity. This could be through monetary donations or doing good in one’s community. The project was launched in 2012 and has raised billions of dollars in philanthropic donations for nonprofit groups. 

The goal is to promote charitable giving by providing time and resources to nonprofit organizations. It also offers several resources, such as planning and communication tools, to help NGOs take part in the event.

This charity event has raised billions of dollars for nonprofit groups since it began over ten years ago. Presently, more than 80 nations participate in the deed.

How To Participate in Giving Tuesday

For the most part, it’s up to you to decide how you want to take part in the event. Generally, most organizations host fundraising events while other groups may choose to engage in more unique activities. Here are a few ways for groups and nonprofits to participate in Giving Tuesday:

  1. Get the neighborhood to support your cause by signing a pledge, speaking up for a law shift, or supporting your nonprofit objective.
  2. Offer your services as a fiscal sponsor for a neighborhood or civic club.
  3. Organize a holiday food drive for your neighborhood, cover a service gap, or attend to a pressing need there.
  4. Make donations to your organization.
  5. Raise money for a different charity. Give traditionally underfunded organizations your voice by using your megaphone.



Millions of individuals across the world have been motivated to volunteer during Giving Tuesday. This act has also inspired donors to support deserving causes. Organizations can choose to raise money and increase charitable donations by holding fundraisers, donation drives, social media campaigns, and other activities.

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