Top Examples of Successful Charity Campaigns

Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

Charity campaigns can become a great way to motivate potential donors while implementing effective advertising and promotion. Likewise, getting donations might be difficult when not effectively carried out. 

In this article, we will consider some of the effective charity campaigns. This is to help inspire you in creating one for your nonprofit organization. 


Charity campaigns
Charity campaigns


  • Charity campaigns constitute one of the most fun ways to raise awareness and solicit funds.
  • Finding creative ways to engage your audience and persuade them to give to your cause is crucial as so many organizations compete for people’s time and money.
  • Nonprofits must learn to be more creative when seeking support.


What are the most notable charity campaigns?

Without a doubt, there are thousands of NGO campaigns that have gained national and even worldwide attention. However, we will consider five of these nonprofit organizations whose charity campaigns continue to resonate with each passing year. 

1. Movember

The Movember campaign was prompted by the alarming rise in male suicides: at the time of writing this article, and according to movember, men account for about 69% of all suicides. On September 10, 2017, the day before World Suicide Prevention Day, the charity introduced the “Unmute — Ask Him” campaign. The aim of the charitable initiative was to lower the number of male suicide deaths.

Movember is now an international campaign although the UK is heavily represented. Not to mention, the branding is excellent. Every November, supporters are requested to grow a mustache. Albeit, if they lack the follicles they can still participate in other ways. 

With around 400,000 people participating in fundraising efforts, 2020 was able to generate nearly $100,000,000 for men’s health across 20 nations. The organization also encourages men’s health. This includes the prevention of testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and suicide. 

2. Charity Water 

The goal of “The Real Colors of Dirty Water” by Charity Water was to bring attention to the dirty water crisis across many nations. This was to help the organization further its goal of giving people in poor nations access to safe drinking water.

Overall, there are 771 million people without basic access to clean and safe drinking water in the world. That shocking truth formed the basis of the charity campaign. In an Instagram video, fans were asked to select their favorite color of water. Users can learn about folks who must drink that shade of water every day by clicking on their website.

The next step was to share a picture of a commonplace item that matched their chosen color. On Unsplash, 2000 pictures were posted, with each one earning $1.

“The world is full of lovely colors, but they’re only beautiful if you don’t have to drink them,” the campaign’s slogan reads. That succinctly captures the aim of this successful and eye-opening campaign.

3. Royal British Legion 

Every Pin Tells a Tale has become one of the top charity social media efforts thanks to its ingenuity and inventiveness. By putting faces to those who sacrificed their lives for a brighter future, The Royal British Legion showed the tragedies of war. This charity campaign aimed to both remember their sacrifice and serve as a stark warning about the horrors that war can bring.

The Great War, also known as World War I, was the bloodiest conflict in human history. The Battle of Passchendaele, in which more than 500,000 people perished, was one of the battles with the greatest number of fatalities. To preserve the memories of British soldiers who lost their lives at the Battle of Passchendaele, the Royal British Legion launched the Every Pin Tells a Story campaign. 

The campaign employs cutting-edge technology to disclose historical details. It was cleverly planned, fusing an augmented reality (AR) application with the sale of pins made from scraps recovered on the Passchendaele battlefield (they had a limited quantity).

When you buy both things, you may use the app to scan the pin and view a biography of the individual who died in the war after scanning the pin with the app.

4. Shelter – Fight for Home Campaign

According to research from Shelter, a startling 1 in 3 Britons is affected by the housing emergency. Shelter Organization upholds the mantra that everybody needs a place they can call home. 

The campaign is centered on a moving video that tells the experiences of affected individuals and includes music produced and performed by Wretch 32. This is one charity campaign that elicits deep emotions and spurs people to give in support of such a worthy cause. 

5. Keep New Zealand Beautiful 

KNZB employed comedy to address the littering issues in New Zealand and developed a highly viral campaign that continues to increase their website visits. A campaign that amuses, informs, and motivates the audience to take action is perfectly exemplified by their funny series of videos featuring the character “Mother Nature.”

Since 1967, KNZB has been combatting trash issues in the country. The organization’s clean-up programs and events are a terrific way to get involved in your neighborhood and make a difference.


Charity campaigns constitute one of the most fun ways to raise awareness and solicit funds. Finding creative ways to engage your audience and persuade them to give to your cause is crucial as so many organizations compete for people’s time and money. Hence, nonprofits must learn to be more creative when seeking support. This could be by putting new technology to use, coming up with a social media fundraising idea that goes viral, or going door-to-door and employing a rabble-rousing tactic.

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