The Best Charities to Donate to in the UK

Jon Tyrell

Jon Tyrell

Across the UK, numerous charities work tirelessly to help with various causes. Identifying some of these charities to donate to can go a long way in impacting communities.

Some of the causes undertaken by these organizations include animal care, health care, care for the environment, and so on. Most times, these charities are in search of generous donors and volunteers. As a donor/volunteer, it might be hard to find your worthy choice of a charity organization for human services.

Hence, this article seeks to provide you with some of the best charities to donate to in the UK.


best charities to donate to
best charities to donate to


  • It would be advisable to think about the organization’s interest, integrity, and impact rate before donating.
  • Picking the best charity to donate to is as good as the cause itself.

Factors that can help determine the best charities to donate to in the UK

There are several factors you may have to consider when looking for the best charities to donate to in the UK.

  • Factors such as your interests; you might want to consider the charitable causes you hold dear.
  • Another consideration is the impact rate of the organization.
  • You might also want to look at the integrity and accountability of the organization to ensure that your donations are appropriately utilized.


In no particular order of preference, we will consider some of the best charities to donate to in the UK.

What are some of the best charities to donate to in the UK?

To help you donate with confidence, we have listed some of the best charities to donate to in the UK.  Likewise, these organizations are considered highly effective and influential in their region of operation.

1. Cancer Research UK

A lot of people like to donate to cancer research causes. This is so because everyone has either known or encountered a cancer patient. Hence, these entities work to save lives through research, enlightenment, and influence.

Cancer Research UK is no doubt at the forefront when it comes to cancer-based charity organizations. This makes it one of the UK’s best charities to donate to.

2. Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has a total of 650 churches and community centers dedicated to its purpose. This also includes a wide range of charitable services such as organizing food banks for the needy and helping community choirs, nurseries, and victims of modern slavery. Hence, it’s no doubt that the salvation army poses as one of the best charities to donate to in the UK.

3. Crisis Homelessness Charity

As a national charity for the homeless, Crisis Homelessness Charity works with donors alongside some nonprofits in the UK and campaigners to eradicate homelessness. Likewise, these entities render help and offer advice to people who do not have decent sleeping spaces. This includes people with temporary accommodation and those who live in insecurity and are on the brink of being rendered homeless.

The selfless services of Crisis Homelessness have earned them a spot as one of the UK’s best charities to donate to.

4. Centrepoint

If you have a soft spot for empowering young people, you might consider donating to this charity organization.  Centrepoint focuses on the well-being of young men and women in terms of health, housing, and education.

The nonprofit operates through 60 services to achieve its objectives in the lives of young people. Centrepoint aims to give hope to young people – the future of every nation. Hence, they deserve to be among the best charities to donate to in the UK.

5. Blue Cross

Since 1897, the Blue Cross animal charity has dedicated its services to the well-being of pets in the UK. This includes the homeless, sick, hungry, or injured.

In 2021 alone, 31,321 pets were beneficiaries of their veterinary services. Likewise, 9, 253 of these pets were lucky enough to be given new homes. For enthusiastic pet lovers who love to help pets, here you go!


Founded by Maria Dickin CBE, the pioneer of animal welfare in 1917, PSDA is also considered one of the leading animal charities in the UK.

The organization provides affordable veterinary treatment to sick or injured pets whose owners cannot afford it. PSDA achieves this through its network of 48 pet hospitals across the UK. The nonprofit encourages responsible pet ownership. Hence, it ranks as one of the top charities in the UK.

7. Greenpeace

Greenpeace engages in activities that ensure the natural environment is enhanced rather than destroyed. Due to its interest in the health of the environment, this organization stands out as one of the top charities to donate to in the UK.

Their vision is to accomplish a healthier, greener, and calmer environment. Hence, an environment capable of giving and sustaining life for many generations.


In general, several charitable entities in the UK stand out for their unique services and support to communities; however, to streamline your search, these few organizations have been compiled as a guide for you to begin with.

If you enjoyed reading this article, do let us know by sharing your comments, suggestions, and questions with us at the bottom of the post.

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