Charity Grants for Nonprofits in South Africa

Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

The goal of every nonprofit is to promote societal development. Another goal of NPOs (Nonprofit Organizations) is impacting communities through initiatives that demand regular funding such as charity grants. Even so, nonprofits must seek new opportunities to fund projects.

In this article, we will consider charity grants that can be accessed by nonprofits in South Africa:


Charity grants
Charity grants
  • One of the primary needs of every nonprofits is access to charity grants
  • Various missions and objectives of NGOs can only be achieved through external funding
  • There are various corporations and foundations that provide funding opportunities for nonprofits.


Where can NGOs obtain charity grants in South Africa?

There are various corporations and foundations that provide funding opportunities for nonprofits. However, the high level of competition can be quite discouraging for new and small NGOs. The various charity grants outlined in this article are open to both small and large nonprofits. 


The GFCF seeks to empower nonprofits through charity grants and other forms of support. The aim of the organization is to improve community philanthropy across the globe. GFCF also strives to build relationships with organizations through its grant initiatives. 

In 2020/2021, a total of £1,261,090 in grants was awarded to several organizations across 41 countries.

The foundation’s grant is within the range of $7,000 – $20,000. The fund size depends on the organization’s annual budget and activities as well as its relationship with the GFCF. 

Although GFCF does not hold an open call for applications yearly, qualified nonprofits can however apply by submitting their inquires at any time. Also, grants are only given to organizations that align with GFCF’s objectives. 

2. PetroSA 

PetroSA is committed to supporting disadvantaged South African communities through development initiatives. Likewise, nonprofits that intend to apply for charity grants must be acquainted with the funding policy of PetroSA.

The corporation seeks to create opportunities for citizens to express their talents and make a profitable living. Hence, PetroSA’s emphasis is sustainability while delivering an effective Community Affairs policy to help grassroot societies. 

In general, PetroSA prioritizes projects that impact its region of operation. The corporation also supports programs that invest in disadvantaged communities, promote community empowerment and socio-economic development. 

The various areas of interest for PetroSA are education, health, community development, environment and sustainable development. Equally, the organization only fund initiatives that align with its policy. 

3. Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation support ideas with the potential to provoke national or global impact. 

The organization also offers charity grants to nonprofits that address issues of inequality in societies. Ford believes in the mantra of ending inequality for justice to prevail. 

Likewise, the foundation awards over 1500 grants each year to associations that proffer impact solutions within the nation. However, proposals must be aligned with the organization’s priorities. 

Over 1453 grantees have benefited from Ford’s funding opportunities. Also, a total of $1.07B has been spent in delivering various charity grants and offerings to undertake projects. 

4. Firelight 

Firelight is a multi-donor public charity fund that provides charity grants and supports to community-based organizations. The institution empowers African communities to develop initiatives that create long term impact for children and youth.

Firelight achieves its objectives by providing grant funding, mentoring, convening, learning and reflection opportunities. Over 490 organizations have received supports with over 2000 grants. 

Community based organizations understands the need, opportunities and challenges of societies. Hence, they know how to develop sustainable changes that suits the demands of the community.

For over 20 years, Firelight has served and provided support to communities. Also, it has impacted thousands of children and youth in eastern and southern Africa.

5. Mazda Foundation 

Mazda South Africa gives back to the community by providing funding opportunities through charity grants. The aim of its various support initiatives is to foster education and broader community support in the country.

Mazda foundation seeks to provide financial aid to organizations that empowers young people through education and skills development. This is most especially for nonprofits that provide education opportunities to children from disadvantaged environments. Also, the foundation prioritizes other areas of interest such as technology development, environmental growth, and critical issues within communities. 


One of the primary needs of every nonprofit is access to charity grants. Hence, the various missions and objectives of NGOs can only be achieved through funding. However, access to fund providers can oftentimes be rather tough. This is especially with the thousands of organizations vying for the same opportunities. 

South African nonprofits seeking various funding options can consider these five charity grants listed in this article. Also, these organizations welcome both small and large scale nonprofits. 

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