Charity Grants for Nonprofits in Uganda

Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

Finding sufficient and ongoing funding for nonprofit activities through charity grants often poses a challenge for many NGOs. Getting in touch with the right donors is also a crucial aspect of this difficult task. For the most part, some of these organizations do not have the capacity to mobilize the required resources for an effective grant application campaign.

In this article, we will consider some of the charity grants that can be accessed by both small and large nonprofits in Uganda. 


Charity grants
Charity grants


Some key points to consider as you read this article:

  • Charity grants offer nonprofits the opportunity to build credibility and establish visibility. 
  • Nonprofits are recognized based on their impact in the communities and nation at large.

Hence, nonprofits must seek ways to secure grant funding.

Where can NGOs obtain charity grants in Uganda?

An NGO needs to locate charity grant funding opportunities in order to even apply for the grant funding. This also includes finding the right kind of charity grants for your organization. We will outline five grant opportunities that are open for application to Ugandan nonprofits.

1. Uganda PCLG 

In 2011, Uganda PCLG was founded as the organization’s first national group. This was followed by the launch of its new small charity grants initiative.

The group’s present focus is on social justice, conservation, and issues involving Indigenous Peoples. Also, PCLG’s new funding method encourages multi-stakeholder collaboration and learning between organizations focusing on development, conservation, and/or human rights.

PCLG is interested in educational concerns crucial to development and conservation in the country. Hence, projects must include elements related to people, conservation, and learning to qualify for a small grant.

PCLG is a global network of organizations that encourage understanding of the connections between preserving biodiversity and humankind.

2. Gould Family Foundation 

Gould Family Foundation collaborates with “grassroots” health organizations in the community that are appropriately staffed, trained, supported, and managed. Likewise, the foundation provides support through charitable grants to a few groups that work to help the extremely poor in metropolitan or peri-urban regions. 

In sub-Saharan Africa, Gould Family Foundation concentrates on improving rural hospitals and clinics. By and large, the foundation’s main priority is to serve neighborhood-based, nonprofit “grassroots” health organizations.

3. AFFCAD UK (Action For Fundamental Change and Development)

AFFCAD UK is a neighborhood nonprofit that collaborates with AFFCAD Uganda to furnish Ugandan youth with the tools they need to rise beyond terrible poverty. The organization also partners and offers charity grants to nonprofits that empower young people through education and vocational training. 

The needs and expertise of those living in the communities that AFFCAD supports inform the work of the organization. AFFCAD also believes that these groups are in the best position to know what will benefit their community. Likewise, the information enables the organization to develop strategies that tackle poverty head-on and have a positive, long-lasting effect on the lives of those who are born into extreme poverty.

The international nonprofit organization is run entirely by volunteers. Generally, the organization collaborates with AFFCAD Uganda to provide young people and families in some of the most underprivileged parts of Uganda with high-quality, easily accessible education and vocational training.

AFFCAD UK was founded in 2016 to assist the work of AFFCAD Uganda by London-based teacher Liz Parker.

4. Terra Viva Grants Directory

Terra Viva Grants Directory has more than 800 grant programs available with regional coverage for the developing globe. Regular calls for charity grant proposals are posted by certain grantmakers while rolling submissions are accepted by others.

The several areas available for project funding include (1) Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry; (2) Biodiversity, Conservation, and Wildlife; (3) Energy, Climate Change; (4) Water Resources; and (5) Cross-Cutting Subjects.


CRVPF is a regional intermediary organization that provides charity grants and capacity-building assistance to community-based organizations (CBOs) and local NGOs in specific African countries including Uganda. The organization focuses on advancing the rights and safety of kids and teenagers.

Through four main grant-making projects, CRVPF assists kids, teenagers, families in low-income areas, families who have been uprooted as well as refugees, and host communities.


Nonprofits are constantly seeking ways to secure grant funding. This is largely because NGOs are recognized based on their impact on the communities and the nation at large. By and large, charity grants offer nonprofits the opportunity to build credibility and establish visibility. 

The various charity grants outlined in this article can be accessed by both grassroots and national nonprofits in Uganda. These funding organizations are also recognized and registered with relevant regulatory bodies. 

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