Top Volunteer Organizations in South Africa

Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

Most volunteer organizations have no paid personnel and are entirely run by volunteers. Also, some NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) may require just a few volunteers per year. Others, on the other hand, may require hundreds of volunteers per day. 

By and large, volunteers assist their communities in providing vital services that contribute significantly to its economic stability and mobility. 


Volunteer organizations in South Africa
Volunteer organizations


  • Volunteers are an invaluable resource for volunteer organizations.
  • Volunteer Southern Africa provides volunteers with the option to travel around Southern Africa 
  • The WESSA Youth Volunteer program was designed to foster commitment among young people through Volunteerism


What are the top five volunteer organizations in South Africa?

Volunteer organizations advocate for communities and provide critical support in the areas of development, education, and health among others. In this article, we will consider some of these outstanding organizations that have contributed to the development of South Africa. 

1. SAVE Volunteering 

SAVE Volunteering supports humanitarian and wildlife projects that benefit communities. These projects are run, managed, and funded entirely by volunteers. Likewise, responsible volunteering initiatives are based on the needs, goals, and aspirations of specific communities. These projects are carried out with the goal of sustainability and in conjunction with the community. SAVE seeks to create self-sufficient, thriving communities. Hence, the organization adopts transparency and long-term strategies for all its projects. 

2. Volunteer Southern Africa

Volunteer Southern Africa provides volunteers with the option to travel around Southern Africa. The organization works with locals and international volunteers to help preserve and support wildlife. Volunteers work in an ethical and safe environment and are indoctrinated to understand the local community. Most importantly, the organization ensures that volunteers are well-cared for, happy, safe, and adequately provided for to travel across the country. 

3. Go Volunteer Africa

Go Volunteer Africa is a multi-award-winning volunteer travel organization. The organization offers sustainable and ethical volunteer programs as well as spectacular adventure vacations in Africa. Go Volunteer Africa reported that it was the first to introduce the concept of “volunteer tourism.” This entails a combination of volunteering and safari or adventure vacations in Africa. Essentially, the organization connects volunteers from all over the world with grassroots community development projects in Africa.


The WESSA Youth Volunteer program seeks to promote youth commitment through Volunteerism. Hence, the program focuses on providing suitable coordinated support that builds on the talents of young people through volunteering. The goal is to foster personal growth, accountability, and societal cohesion. 

The WESSA Youth Volunteer Program empowers young ones to understand Sustainable Development Goals. It also furnishes them with the confidence to contribute constructively to localizing the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and the 2030 Agenda

5. Hands at Work Africa 

Hands at Work Africa believes that there is a need to serve the people we live and work with every day before we can help the most vulnerable in Africa’s poorest communities. The Christian volunteer organization has its hub in South Africa and Zambia. Primarily, Hands at Work Africa seeks to share the gospel and assist the most vulnerable to foster peace in communities. 


Volunteers stand as the lifeblood of volunteer organizations, a wellspring of unwavering support. Beyond the boundaries of their time and effort lies the very foundation upon which countless nonprofit groups thrive. Not only do volunteers drive the core activities, secure essential finances, and provide vital customer service, but they also overwhelmingly populate the influential seats on the boards of philanthropic organizations. 

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