10 Most Socially Responsible Businesses in the UK

Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

As issues of social justice dominated many conversations over the past couple of years, many corporations have begun a socially responsible reckoning. 

In this article, we will consider ten UK based organizations that stand out for their socially responsible efforts. 


Socially responsible
Socially responsible


  • Regardless of size, a company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives play a significant role in defining its character. 
  • Also, companies that adopt CSR initiatives tend to gain the trust of their clients.


Top ten most socially responsible UK businesses 

Without a doubt, there are thousands of enterprises contributing to societal and national development across the nation. However, out of the thousand, there are a few that are lauded for their unique socially responsible initiatives. We will consider some of these corporations. 

1. Unilever 

Unilever provided some definitions and measurements for what it refers to as “sustainable living brands.”  This term is used to describe brands with a focus on sustainable living that supports one or more of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan goals.

For example, Unilever currently sources more than 55% of its agricultural raw materials in a sustainable manner. 

The enterprise has also reached its goal of zero non-hazardous waste to landfill across its industrial network.

In effect, Dove, Lifebuoy, Ben & Jerry’s, and Comfort are examples of “sustainable living brands” that are currently accounting for half of Unilever’s growth and expanding twice as quickly as its other brands.

2. Third Space Learning

Third Space Learning, a startup, offers online math instruction to students all around the world to address the problem of achievement inequalities in global education.

Currently, this socially responsible organization has taught more than 61,000 courses to over 6,000 pupils in England and Wales alone. 

Tom Hooper, the company’s founder, is passionate about bridging the achievement gap between wealthy and underprivileged students. The goal is to ensure that every child has access to a good education.  

3. Sainsbury’s 

Sainsbury’s stands out for its many socially responsible efforts across the UK. Basically, the business organizes food donation drives, supports international clean water projects, uses independent standards to keep an eye on its entire supply chain, and pays over the minimum wage.

Not to mention, Sainsbury’s put into effect a sustainability plan that was based on five sets of ideals.  

  • Lead healthier lives
  • Source with integrity
  • Respect our environment
  • Positively impact the community and
  • Create a great place to work.  


With these values, the corporation disclosed that it has been able to maintain its supermarket’s competitive edge. 

4. Land Securities Group 

Land Securities Group continues to work on a number of innovative green projects across the UK. This “technology” for green roofs has the potential to significantly contribute to the solution of climate change-related problems like flooding, biodiversity loss, and shrinking green space in metropolitan areas.

By and large, this socially responsible corporation reduced the number of cars in the city center and made Portsmouth a more appealing area to live and work in. They also installed green roofs in Cardiff. 1.5 square meters of a green roof can power one person for a whole year, thanks to their system!

5. The Latimer Group

This innovative advertising agency seeks to combat youth unemployment in the UK. Also, the company creates award-winning documentaries, factual entertainment, branded content, and short-form video in partnership with major corporations and organizations like Procter & Gamble, BBC, MTV, and Unicef.

The Latimer Group was founded by Matthew Hay and Jake Woodcraft. The organization has collaborated on the development, production, and distribution of its media material to over 30,000 young creatives across 24 nations.

Also, the agency is recognized by Everline Future 50 as the UK’s most innovative social enterprise.

6. Carnival Corporation

To meet its 2020 sustainability goals, Carnival invested $400 million to design, deploy, and run exhaust gas cleaning technologies that remove sulfur compounds and specific matter from the ship’s engine exhaust.  

The corporation also gave a $2.5 million grant to The Nature Conservancy, one of the top conservation organizations in the world. Carnival Corporation over the years has been consistent in its socially responsible initiatives. 

7. SalaryFinance

By enabling employees in the UK to pay off personal debts directly from their paychecks, the fintech company SalaryFinance helps employers to increase staff salaries by up to 5%. As a result, an employee can save up to £800 a year. Also, employees are welcome to use their services regardless of their salary or credit history.

The organization, which is a leader in the creation of “fintech for a social purpose,” recently teamed up with an NHS benefit provider to offer its service to thousands of NHS employees in England.

8. O2

The Think Big Youth initiative at O2 is highly renowned. Additionally, one of their most notable projects saw O2 support 5000 young people in leading community projects around the nation. Altogether, the organization has assisted 4000 young people in developing the work skills and experience necessary to find employment or launch a business.

9. Barclays 

According to the 2014 Barclays PLC Annual Report, Barclays has made significant efforts to lower its carbon emissions. They went above and beyond the initial 10% objective in 2015, cutting their carbon emissions by 21.7%.

Even more, Barclays is one of the major founders of the Banking Environment Initiative which solicits cross-sector cooperation. The goal of the Banking Environment Initiative is to guide the banking sector in allocating money in a way that promotes environmentally and socially sustainable economic development.

10. Cracked It 

Cracked It, a phone repair business based in the UK is known to hire young people who have served jail or prison time or a group that is frequently discriminated against and ignored when looking for work. Above all, Cracked It prepares young people for future work chances by teaching them life skills and job-relevant abilities.


Regardless of size, a company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives play a significant role in defining its character. Also, companies that adopt CSR initiatives tend to gain the trust of their clients. Now more than ever, enterprises must seek ways to give back to the community. 

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