10 Socially Responsible Businesses in Australia

Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

Corporations and enterprises must begin to adopt sustainable and socially responsible principles as an essential component of their activities. According to Paul Labagnara, co-founder of The Lab, Australian consumers are prioritizing brands that are striving to be a force for good. They want to know which brands go above and beyond the call of duty.

In this article, we will consider top Australian corporations that have made it their duty to serve and give back to the communities and even the nation at large. 


Socially responsible businesses
Socially responsible businesses


  • Individuals and businesses must act responsibly to cater to the environment and society at large. 
  • The positive effects of social responsibility on society and the environment outweigh any negative effects. 


Top ten most socially responsible Australian businesses 

There are without a doubt thousands of businesses across the country that contribute to societal and national development. But among the thousands, a select handful are praised for their innovative socially conscious projects. We’ll take a look at a few of these businesses. 

1. Who Gives A Crap 

This sustainable company known for selling recycled products donates half of its profits to charities. Since its inception in 2012, the business has donated half of its net earnings to fund the construction of latrines and other sanitation improvements in underdeveloped nations.

2. Cape Byron Distillery 

Cape Byron Distillery stands out for its strong support for The Big Scrub Landcare (BSL) organization, whose goal is to protect what is left of the rainforest and inspire other landowners to plant subtropical trees. A fantastic illustration of the business’s sustainable growth is the distillery’s participation in a sustainable bottle labeling effort.

3. Brighte

Brighte is on a mission to reduce the cost of solar energy investment so that it is accessible to every homeowner. Since 2015, this socially responsible business has authorized more than $500 million in funding and facilitated more than 1,800 solar and home repair projects. This in turn has provided support to more than 60,000 Australian homes.

4. Felix Mobile

This pristine company is in the business of providing cellphone plans. By planting one tree per month for each subscriber, the telecommunications provider hopes to plant 1,000,000 trees through its partnership with One Tree Planted. This socially responsible corporation is also powered by one hundred percent renewable energy sources. 

5. Go Kindly

Go Kindly is a social enterprise that sells goods with ethical sourcing. Plastics are not allowed to move through their supply chain. Furthermore, 50% of Go Kindly’s earnings are given to programs for homeless women and other causes.

6. Hub Australia

Hub Australia is a 100% Carbon Neutral Certified organization that develops and offers sustainable workspaces throughout the nation. Additionally, it is a B Corp Certified business that operates with the utmost openness and adherence to the greatest environmental standards. 

7. KOH

The eco-friendly cleaning product line from KOH is a safe option for the environment because it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or emit dangerous chemicals into the environment. The company’s refilling system is eco-certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia and uses 10 times less plastic than conventional cleaning supplies.

8. Brookfarm

Brookfarm is Australia’s leading manufacturer of macadamia goods and high-quality health foods. The business is passionate about sustainability and offers a broad selection of non-GMO real food products that are all created with natural components.


Byron Bay-based SPELL is an incredible clothing line that places a big emphasis on sustainability. Their goal is to uplift people with their beautiful inspiration while maintaining harmony with the environment and all living things. 

This socially responsible brand takes into account every aspect of its supply chain, from the fabrics and dyes used in its apparel to the conditions in its factories. At SPELL, the emphasis is on building a truly sustainable economy.

10. Edible Beauty Australia

Not many modern beauty products are edible, and many of them can harm the skin. But not with this cutting-edge Australian beauty brand. Edible Beauty Australia runs its business with sustainability in mind. Their entire line of cosmetics, including the packaging, is environmentally friendly.


In this shared journey, the onus of responsibility rests not only on individuals but also on businesses, converging to nurture our planet and society at large. The resounding truth is that the ripple effects of social responsibility echo far louder in the chambers of progress than any fleeting shadows of negativity.

If this article resonated with you, we welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and questions. Together, let’s amplify the chorus of change by sharing your comments at the bottom of this post.

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