Top Amazon Grants for Nonprofits

Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

The various Amazon grants seek to empower nonprofit organizations to prioritize technology in their project activities. The multinational company also provides support for nonprofits seeking to pursue technology-driven goals. 

In this article, we will consider the various AWS grants that are available for nonprofit organizations. 


Amazon grants
Amazon grants


  • It is no doubt that NGOs require the use of technology to modify and improve their core mission operations
  • Nonprofits of all types can use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform to increase donations, spread awareness, and highlight the regional and global impact of their goals
  • Amazon seeks to invest $40 million over the next three years to use the cloud’s capacity to promote health equity around the world 


Types of Amazon Grants for Nonprofits

Every year, amazon welcomes NGOs and charitable organizations to apply for its various grant opportunities. Nonprofits seeking project assistance or cloud support as well as funding can choose the most suitable options and apply.  


This grant initiative stands out as one of the most popular nonprofit grants among the many Amazon NGO offerings. AWS Imagine Grant offers award packages including cash funding and also funding to support project implementation. Even more, the AWS Promotional Credit sponsors the launching of project workloads on AWS. Nonprofits also get to receive assistance from AWS technical specialists. 

The AWS Imagine Grant offers two award categories. This includes the Go Further, Faster Award, and the Momentum to Modernize Award. 

a. Go Further, Faster award

The Go Further, Faster award provides support for highly innovative cloud projects. Consequently, these initiatives may have an industry-wide or field-wide impact and the potential to produce scalable, repeatable solutions.

The Go Further, Faster Award offers unrestricted cash funding of up to $150,000 and AWS promotional credit of up to $100,000. Other supports include Amazon Web Services marketing support, engagement with AWS technical specialists, and more.

b. The Momentum to Modernize Award 

Fundamental technology projects, such as moving servers to the cloud and updating both new and old apps may cost a lot for nonprofit organizations. It is no doubt that NGOs also require the use of technology to modify and improve their core mission operations. And this is what the Momentum to Modernize grant seeks to solve. 

The Amazon grants initiative offers financial aid as well as AWS promotional credit and implementation assistance. This includes $50,000 support without restriction, AWS promotional credit of up to $20,000, and AWS technical specialist advice on project execution. Other incentives include access to AWS support and training and AWS marketing promotion opportunities.  


This is one of the Amazon grants that provide access to $1,000 in AWS promotional credit. By and large, the credit program seeks to curtail NGO expenses when implementing cloud-based solutions. In general, any size and class of nonprofit with an annual operational budget can request products under this program.


TechAction services allow nonprofits and credit unions to successfully launch, expand, and innovate with AWS. As a result, NGOs can enjoy ready-made solutions, AWS promotional credit of up to $5,000, advice, access to partners and training, community forums and events, and content.

With AWS TechAction credit, all costs related to launching nonprofit workloads on AWS are solved. Hence, NGOs can focus on working to achieve long-term success. 


These Amazon grants provide unlimited funding and Amazon promotional credits to assist academic institutions and nonprofit organizations in conducting field research that seeks to improve customer-obsessed science.

Also worthy of note, Amazon does not retain any intellectual property rights to the ensuing work. Rather, a research contact from Amazon is allocated to each recipient to assist with consultation services.  


With Amazon Web Services (AWS), disaster response organizations can leverage access to cloud services at the edge. Likewise, customers can concentrate on mission-critical tasks and other essential applications with the assistance of the Amazon Disaster Response Action Team. 


Amazon seeks to invest $40 million over the next three years to use the cloud’s capacity to promote health equity around the world. Also, AWS promotional credit and technical assistance are being provided to a few institutions and businesses that are tackling health disparities that affect impoverished or underrepresented groups globally.

Overall, AWS Health Equity Initiative aims to support applications that develop culturally responsive solutions. This is to help solve four critical areas: 1) improve access to health services, 2) address social determinants of health, 3) use data to promote equitable and inclusive systems of care, and 4) advance equity in diagnostics and screening. 


Nonprofits of all types can access Amazon Web Services (AWS) to increase donations, spread awareness, and highlight the regional and global impact of their goals. AWS is dedicated to a world in which every person has the opportunity to live honorably on a healthy planet. Is your NGO seeking funding as well as cloud-based opportunities? You can apply to any of these Amazon grants outlined in this article. 

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