Charity Grants for Nonprofits in Malawi

Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

Charity grants are given with a specific goal in mind. When a grant is awarded, the funds must be spent solely on the objectives for which they were intended.

Large non-governmental organizations, large charities, large multinational corporations, foundations, and governments provide the majority of charity grant funding.

In this article, we will consider various funding initiatives that can be accessed by nonprofits in Malawi. 


Charity grants
Charity grants


  • Charity grants do not just help with project funding; nonprofits are also given the opportunity to create long-lasting connections. 
  • Developing ties is one great way to gain funds for your nonprofit in the future. 
  • Nonprofits applying for grants should also prioritize building a strong network with other organizations and corporations. 


Where can NGOs obtain charity grants in Malawi?

Researching charity grants can be particularly challenging for many organizations. This is especially for those who don’t have an employee working full-time to search and apply for these opportunities.

However, grants may be closer than you expect. All that is just needed is knowing how to seek them strategically. Hence, this article seeks to provide some of the most accessible charity grant opportunities in Malawi. 

1. Georg & Emily von Opel-Foundation 

Georg & Emily von Opel-Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the conditions of the underprivileged and needy. Similarly, charities and other organizations operating in a variety of industries receive direct contributions such as charity grants from the Foundation.

The nonprofit trust collaborates on projects in fields like education, long-term development, and emergency humanitarian relief. Its primary goal is to support communities in underdeveloped nations.

The foundation also collaborates on initiatives in sectors like immediate humanitarian relief, sustainable development, and healthcare. To support projects, the trust works together with other reliable financial organizations.

2. Firelight 

Firelight assists community-based groups that are catalysts in developing innovative, scalable and possibly sustainable responses to the problems faced by children and youths in eastern and southern Africa.

The multi-donor public charity provides local organizations with the resources they require in the ways they require them.

For this purpose, Firelight collects funds from foundations, individuals, and organizations to support community-based organizations (CBOs) in specified regions. Overall, charity grants are given to nonprofits that are collaborating with their neighbors to bring about systemic change for children and youth.

3. The ELMA Foundation

The ELMA Community Grants Program provides charity grants to projects that address children’s basic needs. This includes physiological needs (such as food, water, clothing, and shelter) and safety needs (such as protection, psychosocial support, and health). ELMA particularly supports those who are in vulnerable situations, such as children with disabilities or unaccompanied minors crossing international borders.

The foundation believes that community-based groups are frequently the only safety net for disadvantaged and outcast children in Africa, especially in rural areas.

Certain grantees sponsored by The ELMA Community Grants Program receive tailored support. This also includes ELMA’s financial investments to help them learn and build their capacity in the areas of fundraising, financial management, leadership, monitoring and evaluation, and program creation.

4. Friends of Malawi (FOM)

Friends of Malawi seeks to foster a sense of belonging among its supporters. To achieve this, regular communication is facilitated to inform supporters. Charity grants are given for deserving endeavors and to foster mutual cross-cultural understanding between Malawians and FOM supporters.

FOM solicits donations to support community-based programs in the areas of education, health, agriculture, the environment, small business development, and others, as appropriate, that are in line with the needs of Malawians.

5. Think Malawi 

Think Malawi collaborates closely with Malawians to expand their access to high-quality education to achieve their goals, enhance their quality of life, and advance Malawi. 

Hence, the organization provides charity grants to support projects that equip girls, especially in regions where many females quit schooling. Likewise, the organization also supports projects that border on girls’ reproductive health. 

Think Malawi seeks to eliminate obstacles to girls’ education. Hence, it collaborates with nonprofits to achieve its objectives. 


Charity grants do not just help with project funding. Nonprofits are also given the opportunity to create long-lasting connections. Even so, developing ties is one great way to increase the probability of getting grant funds in the future for your nonprofit. 

Hence, nonprofits applying for grants should also prioritize building a strong network with other organizations and corporations. 

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