What You Need to Know About a Giving Circle

Jon Tyrell

Jon Tyrell

A giving circle is a form of collaborative giving. In this case, a group of individuals pool their resources (usually money) and collectively decide where to donate the funds. The goal is to support charitable causes.


Giving circle
Giving circle


  • Members define the purpose of any giving circle.
  • Decision-making in a giving circle is purely democratic.

Key Things to Know About Giving Circles

Giving Circles can have a variety of structures and forms. However, the idea is the same: a group of people come together to support a cause or problem they collectively care about. Here are the key things to know about giving circles.

1. Purpose

Giving Circles can be organized around a variety of causes, such as education, healthcare, the environment, or social justice. The purpose of the Giving Circle is typically defined by its members, who determine the charitable organizations or causes that they want to support.

2. Membership

Giving Circles can range in size from just a few individuals to hundreds or even thousands of members. Members typically contribute a specific amount of money or time to the circle’s collective pool of resources.

3. Decision-making

Giving Circles are democratic in nature, with members making decisions about where to donate funds. Some Giving Circles have a formal structure with officers and bylaws, while others are more informal and operate by consensus.

4. Impact

Giving Circles can have a significant impact on the charities they support. By pooling resources and collaborating, members can make larger donations than they might be able to on their own, and can also leverage their collective knowledge and networks to identify and support effective organizations.

6. Community

Giving Circles can also provide a sense of community and connection among members who share a common interest in giving back and making a difference in the world.


Giving Circles, in general, can be an effective approach for people to get together to support the issues they care about while also developing community and connections with like-minded people.

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