Top Prostate Cancer Charities in New Zealand

Jon Tyrell

Jon Tyrell

Prostate cancer remains a recurring health challenge that impacts men across the globe. Hence, in New Zealand, dedicated organizations work to actively combat this disease. These leading charities raise awareness, provide support, and fund research.


Prostate cancer
Prostate cancer


  • For those undergoing cancer treatment, PCFNZ provides essential resources, information, and support.
  • Movember NZ addresses critical issues with a thematic focus on testicular and prostate cancer, psychological well-being and suicide prevention.


What are the top Prostate Charities in New Zealand?

In this article, we will explore the key charity players making a difference in New Zealand’s fight against prostate cancer.

1. The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCFNZ)

PCFNZ is a cornerstone for those fighting prostate disease. Established in 2000, the organization is committed to reducing the impact of prostate disease on Kiwi men and their families. Firstly, PCFNZ offers crucial support, information, and resources for individuals on this cancer journey. Also, the organization actively raises awareness and promotes early detection through public education campaigns and community events.

PCFNZ’s notable initiative, Blue September, sparks conversations about prostate cancer. During this month, Kiwis wear blue, grow mustaches, and participate in various events to raise funds for research and support services.

2. Testicular Cancer NZ 

Testicular cancer, though distinct from prostate cancer, reminds us that men’s health encompasses many facets. Hence, Testicular Cancer NZ is a charitable organization solely focused on increasing awareness of this disease. In addition, the organization educates men about the risks and symptoms of the cancer ailment, emphasizing early detection.

In the wider context of men’s health and well-being, Testicular Cancer NZ’s efforts contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the disease. By addressing testicular cancer, the organization supports a holistic approach to men’s health, including concerns relating to the prostate. Their mission aligns with the overarching goal of promoting health awareness and encouraging regular check-ups for men.

3. Blue September NZ

Blue September NZ is also a part of the Prostate Cancer Foundation. By and large, their mission is to make a difference in the fight against prostate cancer. This initiative, well-recognized and popular in New Zealand, urges Kiwis to don blue attire, grow mustaches, and participate in diverse fundraising activities throughout September.

For the most part, funds raised during Blue September support those impacted by cancer and crucial research. Also, this campaign not only generates vital resources but fosters open conversations about prostate disease, dismantling stigmas and making it easier to discuss men’s health.

4. Movember NZ

Movember, a global movement founded in Australia in 2003, has left a significant mark in New Zealand. Essentially, this charity encourages men to grow mustaches throughout November to raise awareness and funds for men’s health concerns, including prostate disease.

Movember NZ has embraced the Kiwi spirit, partnering with local organizations to make a difference in men’s health. Also, the organization centers around psychological wellness, suicide attempts, and testicular and prostate cancer. Their obligation to a comprehensive methodology adjusts consistently with the more extensive objective of bringing issues to light. The organization also works to diminish the effects of cancer in New Zealand.


In summary, New Zealand’s dedicated charities play a pivotal role in combating prostate disease. Their collective efforts foster open discussions, diminish stigma, and advocate for early detection, providing hope and the opportunity to make a substantial impact on men’s well-being.

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