The Best Charities to Donate to in Sierra Leone

Jon Tyrell

Jon Tyrell

Selecting the most impactful charities for donations in Sierra Leone can be daunting due to the plethora of deserving organizations. To navigate this challenge, evaluating a charity’s mission, transparency, and effectiveness becomes crucial, enabling you to make well-informed and impactful choices

Best Charities to Donate to
Best Charities to Donate to


  • In Sierra Leone, MTI offers medical assistance and disaster relief services.
  • Save the Children is committed to children’s concerns in Sierra Leone


What are some of the Best Charities to donate to in Sierra Leone?

In this article, we will highlight impactful charitable organizations in Sierra Leone as well as their missions and objectives.

1. International Rescue Committee (IRC)

In Sierra Leone, the IRC doesn’t simply provide crisis help. They also extend their endeavors to deliver healthcare and education to communities impacted by struggle and catastrophic events. The essential objective of the IRC is to help people and networks reconstruct their lives and encourage versatility during trying times.


UNICEF is profoundly dedicated to upgrading the prosperity of kids and families across Sierra Leone. Their work traverses different areas such as well-being, nourishment, instruction, youngster security, and support. UNICEF plays a significant role in ensuring that kids have access to quality schooling, medical services, and security.


CARE is a compassionate association devoted to tending to destitution, social imbalance, and orientation variations in Sierra Leone. The organization executes programs that prioritize medical care, and civil rights among others. 

4. Medical Teams International

MTI provides healthcare services and disaster response in Sierra Leone. The organization also seeks to improve medical care access and support vulnerable populations, especially in underserved areas and during crises.

5. Save the Children

Save the Children is committed to propelling the privileges and prosperity of kids in Sierra Leone. Their programs prioritize schooling, medical care, nourishment, youngster security, and crisis response. Save the Children is known for its drawn-out obligation to improve the lives of kids.

6. International Medical Corps

The International Medical Corps delivers healthcare services and training to communities in Sierra Leone. The organization focuses on healthcare access, disease prevention, and capacity building, particularly in crisis regions or regions lacking adequate healthcare infrastructure.


How to Donate 

By and large, some of these organizations provide multiple donation options to choose from.

1. Online Donations

Most charities offer secure online platforms for one-time or recurring contributions.

2. Check or Money Order

If you prefer traditional methods, mail a check or money order to the charity’s address with your contact details and donation purpose.

3. Bank Transfers

Some charities provide bank account details for direct transfers. This is an efficient way to send larger donations.

4. Mobile Donations

Certain charities have mobile donation options, where you can contribute via text message or mobile apps.

Always confirm that you are giving to the right organization, legitimate website, or contact information. By and large, your contributions can make a significant impact in Sierra Leone.



In conclusion, when choosing the best charities to donate to, select charities aligned with your values and causes that resonate deeply with you. The organizations highlighted in this article are distinguished for their unwavering trustworthiness and transparency.

Do you have other nonprofits in Sierra Leone that are doing great work? Please share your thoughts and recommendations with us at the bottom of the post.

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