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Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

It is often said that having the power to influence other people’s life is both a privilege and a responsibility. Likewise, seeking good charities to donate to is one great way to improve the lives of those who need such help. Aiding others can be empowering. It also makes us know that we have something to offer even in our little way. By taking the needed action, we can enrich our lives and appreciate the world even more. 

In this article, we will consider good charities doing good works that you can choose to donate to. 


Charities to donate to
Charities to donate to


  • Having the power to influence other people’s life is both a privilege and a responsibility.
  • A selfless act of donation goes a long way in helping the most vulnerable people in society


What are the top 5 Charities to Donate to?

The impact of nonprofit organizations cannot be overemphasized. Across the globe, NGOs continue to address issues of human interest thereby providing relief to thousands and millions. We cannot dispute the relevance of several of these organizations. However, we will consider just five nonprofit organizations that stand out for their critical impact both nationally and globally. 

1. Midwest Food Banks 

The Midwest Food Bank distributes food to more than 2,050 charitable groups expending over $36 million each month. The urgent response provided by this nonprofit is is no doubt worth the top list of one the best charities to donate to. 

Within 24 hours, Midwest Food Bank provides food-filled relief boxes to those in need. Not to mention, the organization also supports disaster relief efforts with immediate response. The NGO reported that in 2021, over $430 million worth of food was distributed. In addition, every Friday throughout the school year, qualifying children get a pack of shelf-stable food. 

Are you seeking an organization where you can donate to a worthy cause? Look no further. Visit the Midwest Food Banks and take a tour of their services. And don’t forget to make a donation. 

2. World Vision 

World Vision for the past decade has provided assistance to the most vulnerable children. The NGO seeks to address poverty and empower youngsters to live fulfilled lives. 

World Vision has impacted more than 200 million vulnerable children by addressing the root causes of poverty. Also, in the past ten years, the NGO treated 89 percent of the severely malnourished children to fully recover.

The organization delivers community-based solutions. As a result, with every child that receives funding, four more kids get to benefit as well. 

World Vision upholds the mantra that each individual on earth is a special creation of God. And more valuable than any amount of money or power is a human life. Indeed, one quality that makes for a good charity is the ability to share in the pain of others and provide solutions. And this is definitely what makes World Vision one of the best charities to donate to. 

3. Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a housing organization that assists individuals in the world’s poorest regions to overcome their lack of access to high-quality lodgings. The nonprofit envisions a world where everyone has a good place to live. As a result, the NGO is constantly seeking new ideas to make excellent housing accessible and affordable for everyone.

In its search for appropriate housing solutions, Habitat for Humanity closely partners with local communities as housing difficulties tend to vary based on where a person lives. Likewise, the organization helps those that require assistance with construction, repair, and renovation projects. Not to mention, future homeowners can work cooperatively with volunteers and pay their mortgages on time.

In the area of policy development, Habitat for Humanity seeks to influence how regional, federal, and international governments rank and support housing and related shelter issues. The unique services provided by the organization make it one of the most worthy charities to donate to. 

4. The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity 

Funds from The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity are primarily used to support The Royal Marsden, a renowned cancer hospital. This nonprofit organization invests in life-saving research, notably by supporting clinical trials. This in turn provides patients at the hospital, in the UK, and all around the world with access to the most cutting-edge medications.

The cancer charity also seeks to provide advanced equipment to enable more precise and effective diagnosis and treatment. Among such tools includes the most developed robotic surgery technology or improved cancer imaging.

The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity is currently undertaking one of its fundraising projects which is a £70 million drive for The Oak Cancer Centre. The structure will be established at The Royal Marsden in Sutton. 

5. Amnesty International Charity

Amnesty International Charity (AIC) envisions a society where everyone can enjoy their human rights. Hence, the nonprofit organization engages in charity human rights activities. AIC’s activities include looking into a variety of serious human rights breaches occurring all over the world and educating the public about important human rights issues.

For the most part, one-time donations and bequests provide the majority of AIC’s funding. Likewise, it finances its charitable initiatives via grants. As a result, your donations will go a long way in advancing the cause of humanity. After all, AIC definitely stands out as one of the most worthy charities to donate to. 


The majority of nonprofit organizations resort to funding and donation for projects and activities. Also, across the world, there are more people in need of support, and organizations are overrun with requests for help. A selfless act of donation goes a long way in helping the most vulnerable people in society. Also, seeking good charities to donate to is one great way to ensure that you’re supporting a worthy cause. 

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