How to Set Up A Charitable Giving Program

Jon Tyrell

Jon Tyrell

Setting up a charitable giving program can be a rewarding way to give back to your community and make a positive impact on the causes you care about.


Charitable Giving
Charitable Giving


  • All charities should have a mission and goal.
  • It is important to also have a giving strategy.

Tips on Setting up a Charitable Giving Program

Here are some steps to consider when setting up a giving program for your Nonprofit:

1. Define your mission and goals

Start by defining the mission and goals of your charitable giving program. Consider the causes you want to support, the impact you desire to make, and the values that guide your giving.

2. Choose a Giving Vehicle

Next, choose a giving vehicle that aligns with your mission and goals. There are several options to consider, such as creating a donor-advised fund, setting up a private foundation, or partnering with an existing nonprofit organization.

3. Research Potential Recipients

Do your research and identify potential recipients that align with your mission and goals. Consider factors such as the organization’s track record, financial stability, and alignment with your values.

4. Develop a Giving Strategy

Develop a giving strategy that outlines how you will allocate your charitable funds. Consider factors such as the percentage of funds allocated to each cause, the timing of your gifts, and any restrictions or requirements you may have.

5. Implement and evaluate your program

Implement your charitable giving program and evaluate its effectiveness over time. Regularly assess the impact of your gifts, the effectiveness of your giving strategy, and any changes you may need to make to ensure that your program continues to align with your mission and goals.

6. Communicate Your Impact

Finally, communicate the impact of your charitable giving program to your stakeholders. Share stories and data that demonstrate the positive impact of your gifts, and encourage others to join you in supporting the causes you care about.


Remember, starting a charitable giving program takes time, effort, and careful planning, but the rewards can be significant for both the causes you support and your personal fulfillment.

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