The Many Benefits of Corporate Sponsorship For Nonprofits

Jon Tyrell

Jon Tyrell

Corporate sponsorship is a type of funding provided by businesses to nonprofit organizations for an occasion or specific purpose. Conversely, nonprofits receive the assistance they require to keep carrying out their missions, while the businesses gain tax deductions and a boost to their brand.



  • Corporate sponsorship increases the credibility of a nonprofit organization
  • Corporate sponsorship also improves brand recognition

Benefits of Corporate Sponsorship to Companies

Both businesses and nonprofits tend to benefit from corporate sponsorships. The many benefits enjoyed by companies that may choose to establish corporate sponsorships include:

1. Brand Recognition

Sponsoring a nonprofit can aid in raising a company’s brand awareness. Even if it might not result in immediate sales, funding a charitable event can help customers connect a brand name with a particular cause, or at the very least with corporate social responsibility.

Corporate sponsorships also expose brand names to new audiences that might not fit the traditional customer profile of the organization, which helps broaden brand recognition.

2. Corporate Image

Also, corporate sponsorships can significantly affect a company’s reputation with its customers, staff, and other organizations. By aligning businesses with charitable causes, these relationships enable audiences to connect the brand with both the charitable cause itself and a broader feeling of social good.

More than 75% of millennial workers disclosed that they would rather work for a company that engages in philanthropic giving regularly.

3. Financial Rewards

Potential tax incentives are one of the main advantages of nonprofit sponsorships for businesses. The various corporate tax incentives continue to spur many corporations to sponsor events and donate gifts.

Benefits of Corporate Sponsorship to Nonprofits

For nonprofits, the benefits include:

1. A Greater Understanding of Their Cause

People will better understand the cause of your nonprofit when you obtain corporate sponsorship from reputable brands. Brands can help with increasing public support for and understanding of your cause.

2. A Strategy For Gaining New Supporters

People tend to believe in and support causes that have already gained considerable attention. Obtaining a corporate sponsorship will make people believe in the credibility of your nonprofit. A corporate sponsorship will also help connect you to new donors, volunteers, and individual sponsors.

3. A Strategy to Increase the Credibility of Your Nonprofit

The credibility of a nonprofit is measured by the quality of sponsorships, grants, donors, and volunteers it attracts. Sponsorship from reputable companies will draw attention from even more donors and volunteers.


Corporate sponsorships provide nonprofits several benefits. Some of such benefits include access to more volunteers, growth in the donor base, increase in exposure and many other benefits.  Businesses also benefit from the goodwill as well as tax incentives from sponsoring corporate partnerships with nonprofits.

To the nonprofit representatives reading this article, we say this: seek corporate sponsors and give them the freedom to fully enjoy the benefits of partnering with your nonprofit organization. The direct and indirect benefits to your nonprofit will make this a worthwhile partnership!

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