Global Giving Trends Worth Considering

Jon Tyrell

Jon Tyrell

Global giving has witnessed a revolution. Now more than ever there are more diverse ways for Nonprofits to earn donations. Presently, most nonprofit organizations throughout the world have access to internet fundraising tools that have aided their strategies. Not to mention, the development of modern best practices for over two decades has resulted in groundbreaking innovations.


Global giving
Global giving

Some quick facts worth knowing that frame this discussion:

  • Matching gift fundraising campaigns greatly boost donors’ likelihood of giving by 22%.
  • Email is known to have the highest return on investment of any marketing channel.

Trends in Global Giving to Consider

Here are a few global giving trends that you can choose to adopt as a nonprofit organization.

1. Employing Best Practices on Donation Pages

It’s amazing how many charities make donating more challenging than necessary. Donations pages should, in general, be straightforward, and mobile-friendly, and should only request the information necessary to process a donation and obtain a donor’s contact information.

Founded in 2002, is a crowdfunding network for NGOs, charities, and nonprofits worldwide that has raised approximately $500 million online. Their donation pages include a wide variety of options that makes donating seamless and timely. Also, Global giving is known for pioneering internet fundraising and crowdsourcing.

2. Actively Marketing a Recurring Donation Plan.

The 2021 Benchmarks Report states that monthly giving income soared by 25% in 2020, and it currently makes up 19% of total online revenue for organizations. Also, according to data from the Global Giving Trends Report, 45% of online donors globally have signed up for a monthly giving program. With an ever-growing regular cash stream, nonprofits would be well to aggressively and enthusiastically promote their monthly giving program.

Create a page on your website explaining the value of monthly giving and its effects. Also, provide a donation form with monthly giving as the only or default option.

3. Establishing a Program for Memorial Donations

This is one global giving trend that is certainly becoming widespread. A smart fundraising platform will allow nonprofits to establish numerous donation pages in addition to providing the opportunity to add a special occasion or memorial gift option to their primary donation page. The Nature Conservancy, for example, provides memorial and special occasion presents, each with a dedicated donation website.

4. Email Fundraising

It is obvious that a nonprofit does not understand the value of email fundraising if the organization’s website does not have a displayed email opt-in mechanism. Emails are known to have the highest return on investment of any marketing channel.

A nonprofit that does not actively promote its email list clearly does not have a good understanding of the opportunities that it holds for the organization. Despite the widespread belief that email as a marketing channel is on the downtrend, email usage is increasing globally among all age groups.

5. Giving a Matching Gifts Plan

This fundraising strategy can boost income by up to 19%. Matching gift fundraising campaigns also greatly boost donors’ likelihood of giving by 22%. By and large, your nonprofit is missing out on a simple opportunity to enhance online donations if it does not already include matching contributions in its annual fundraising plan.


Small and medium-sized NGOs can learn a lot from the internet fundraising strategies of large nonprofits. To begin with, large nonprofit organizations have the personnel and resources required to adopt and assess new trends. Begin by examining the websites and donation pages of five organizations that share your goals and objectives. Don’t forget to subscribe to their email list and read their “Welcome Series.” Observe their social media activity and pay attention to the posts that get the most likes and comments.

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