How to Create Impactful Explainer Videos to Attract Donors

Jon Tyrell

Jon Tyrell

Videos are excellent at conveying a company’s message. By and large, they promote user engagement, increase traffic, improve time spent on websites, and support SEO efforts. While several video types can satisfy some of these needs, only a select number do it as effectively as explainer videos.


Explainer videos
Explainer videos


  • Explainer videos make it easy to communicate your message.
  • Explainer videos should convey a message that can be easy to understand.

Explainer Videos: What Are They?

Explainers are brief videos (often under two minutes) that succinctly, plainly, and amusingly explain your objective. It has a simple yet effective format that starts with a description of the problem and ends with your proposal for a solution.

It gives you the chance to highlight the goals of your nonprofit, the work you undertake, and the people you have chosen to assist. It also provides a platform to include a compelling call to action that encourages your audience to take the next step. This may include visiting your website, completing a form, etc. without overly coming across with a sales intent.

Step-by-Step Instructions For Making Explainer Videos For Your Nonprofit

In addition to the fundamentals of completing any project, creating excellent explainers depends on three key factors.

Knowing the audience you’re speaking to will help you tailor your message to appeal to their worldview and make it feel relevant to them.

Likewise, you should also pay attention to quality, branding, and promotion. It may seem overwhelming but you will be satisfied with the outcome. We’ll go over the many areas worth considering when creating explainer videos.

1. Identify Your Target Demographic

No two organizations are ever the same, although they may all support humanitarian causes that benefit the public. Organizing a project to build a shelter for the destitute and raising awareness about climate change are not the same things. The same can also be said of audiences.

Corporate individuals tend to be kind and compassionate. But there are several other factors, such as geography, culture, and even one’s personality that influence people’s support for certain groups.

The success of your nonprofit’s explainer video depends on your ability to comprehend and embed all these factors into your video. You want your viewers to believe you’re speaking directly to them.

2. Write an Appropriate Message

Your nonprofit’s mission should also be clearly expressed when creating explainer videos. You may also want to go as far as explaining to your target audience how your message affects or impacts them. Engage people by making your message appear personal.

3. Choose How You Want to Display Your Message On-screen.

Do you already have a plan for the content of your explainer video? Overall, pictures must complement your nonprofit’s voice, your audience’s tastes, and your purpose and message.

You might wish to use sequences to describe the work accomplished by your contributors or concentrate on the impact your organization has on people’s lives. You can also employ specific effects to highlight crucial passages in the script or intricate images to further emphasize your point.

4. Infuse Your Organization’s Passion Into The Video

One critical component of great explainer videos is that they must feel unique and personal. Your audience must have a feeling that they know and understand you a little bit better after hearing you speak. If effectively done, your audience should recognize you when they encounter your work. To put it another way, you must leave an impression.

5. Market Your Practical Explainer Videos

It is often common for organizations to create videos and then upload them to YouTube or a home page without seeking effective ways to share them. Your nonprofit cannot benefit from explainer videos if no one sees them. Source various ways to convey your message and give it visibility in the manner you intend.


Nonprofit explainer videos can be time-consuming and expensive to produce. But it’s also important to consider the potential benefits that it holds for your organization. Nonprofit explainer videos are also one great way to motivate people to give to support a cause. Likewise, using the correct content and marketing strategy can significantly impact a particular cause.

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