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Types of Nonprofits in Pakistan

Charitable giving and philanthropy in Pakistan is unlike many countries. Religious underpinnings seem to be the bane that shapes and influences the various types of nonprofits in the country. The heavy criticism that follows the activities of modern NGO practices asides from religious laws has

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Types of Nonprofits in the UK

The emergence of diverse types of nonprofits in the UK can be attributed to the country’s robust tradition of charity and volunteering. These organizations are frequently ranked among the top charities across the globe. The lifestyle of generosity is often said to be the legacy

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Types of Nonprofits in Jamaica

There are many types of nonprofits in Jamaica, each with a unique mission and purpose. From environmental groups to animal rescue organizations, there is a nonprofit for everyone in Jamaica. This diversity is what makes the nonprofit sector so important in Jamaica.  The nonprofit sector

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Types of Nonprofits in South Africa

Nicknamed the Rainbow nation, South Africa is a country with a vibrant culture and an amazing landscape. But this article has less to do with the topography and more to with Nonprofits in South Africa.  There are various types of Nonprofits in South Africa and

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How to Register a NonProfit in America

America is a massive country with a teeming population of about 331 million people. In the United States of America, there are approximately 1.6 million Nonprofit organizations in operation. Right across the country, there are a wide variety of non profit initiatives cutting across various

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Types of Nonprofits in the United States

Nongovernmental organizations are established to support and enhance social change. These institutions seek to solve and address the needs and interests of individuals as well as societies. The many types of nonprofits that exist in the United States have become key players in advancing the

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Non profit organizations

How Non Profit Organizations Support Social Change

In a world where many organizations are striving to make an economic impact, adding social impact to an organizations goals is helping improve their credibility.  From small ideas within communities to large nonprofit organization projects, the opportunity to make a difference is enormous. Career driven

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How to Start a GoFundMe Campaign

If you are looking for information on how to start a GoFundMe Campaign, you are in the right place. Before we get into it, we would like to explain what a GoFundMe is for those who do not know. GoFundme is a for profit crowdfunding

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Types of Nonprofits in India

  India is one of the most diverse countries on the planet. With a population of 1.375 billion people and 447 languages, the rich culture of this massive southern eastern Asian country spreads across the globe. India’s huge population has also made it one of

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