Top 5 Disaster Relief Nonprofits in Australia

Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

Communities impacted by natural disasters rely heavily on the support of disaster relief organizations. By and large, these nonprofits are known to coordinate immediate response to catastrophes. This is by offering emergency aid and supporting disaster recovery efforts. 


disaster relief nonprofits
disaster relief nonprofits


  • Tearfund provides funding for both short-term emergency relief and medium-term initiatives for recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Disaster Relief Australia (DRA) is a nonprofit dedicated to disaster aid, led by veterans. 


Top Disaster Relief Nonprofits in Australia

In this article, we will consider some of the most outstanding disaster relief nonprofits in Australia

1. Good360

Since 2019, Good360 has contributed more than 18.4 million items, or more than $159 million of necessary supplies to help Australia recover from disasters. In addition, Good360 assists in getting the appropriate supplies to the right people at the right time during all phases of a crisis hence giving affected communities hope and dignity. 

With a robust response offered at every stage of a crisis, Good360’s approach to disaster recovery is strategic and long-lasting. Also, working in tandem with more than 450 Australian companies, the nonprofit employs a well-organized and cooperative approach to deliver the appropriate items at the optimal time and place from the initial impact until communities move into their permanent homes.

To provide resources, supplies, and volunteer labor during disasters, Good360 focuses on a six-phase disaster recovery framework: Readiness, Response, Recover, Rebuild, Refurnish, and Revive. Even more, the nonprofit believes that the lifetime of a disaster is a marathon, not a sprint. As a result, these five stages aid in identifying the needs at any given point in a disaster’s life cycle for both businesses and regular Australians.

2. Disaster Relief Australia (DRA)

Disaster Relief Australia (DRA) is a nonprofit dedicated to disaster aid, led by veterans. In like manner, the nonprofit combines the efforts of first responders, civilian volunteers, and armed forces veterans to provide their expertise and experience in disaster recovery worldwide. 

Also, DRA serves as a link between returning soldiers, their hometowns, and the desperately needed humanitarian efforts. With over 2,500 volunteers and ten regional Disaster Relief Teams, DRA has expanded throughout Australia since 2016. The nonprofit is also deployed globally to offer the best service, relief, and impact to communities affected by disasters. 

3. Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope is a nonprofit organization with a strong religious foundation that works to feed the world through community outreach, disaster relief, and child feeding programs. Likewise, the nonprofit is always among the first in the world to respond to emergencies. 

Convoy of Hope stands out for its effective disaster response teams, flexible distribution model, twelve global warehouses, and mobile command center. Also, the nonprofit provides healthy meals to almost 300,000 youngsters in 18 different countries. This includes access to clean water, education, hope, and many other basic needs. 

In addition, the nonprofit supports organizations that share its values and are working to alleviate poverty and suffering in their areas. 

4. Samaritans

Samaritans are available to assist and support individuals during difficult times. Likewise, the nonprofit empowers people to develop their resilience and locate their position in the community by providing unwavering assistance with compassion and respect. 

Samaritans was founded to support people in their hour of need. The nonprofit has expanded since the early 1980s and currently funds more than 100 support services. The various locations include the Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Newcastle, Mid-North Coast districts, and Central Western New South Wales. All in all, Samaritans assists individuals in need including families and children, those dealing with mental health issues or disabilities, those facing homelessness or other emergencies, and the larger community.

5. Tearfund Australia

Tearfund provides funding for short-term emergency relief efforts that help disaster victims survive and medium-term initiatives for recovery and rehabilitation.

As stated in its Core Humanitarian Standards, Tearfund is dedicated to the humanitarian assistance tenets of humanism, impartiality, independence, and neutrality. Likewise, the nonprofit embraces collaboration to develop global solutions for global problems. All in all, the Tearfund Family strives to lessen inequality and poverty worldwide by adhering to a shared set of principles and methods of operation.


In summary, numerous disaster relief response groups worldwide have different areas of expertise. While some concentrate on helping particular communities or regions, others offer specific services such as mental health or medical care. However, the goal is the same: to assist in the recovery process. 

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