People Management Tools for Nonprofits

Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

Basically, the term “people management” describes all of the procedures and actions involved in selecting, recruiting, and terminating an employee. It entails allowing your employees to grow and develop while simultaneously managing them successfully. 


People management
People management


  • Organizational and personnel development are dependent on effective people management.
  • Lattice is an AI-powered people management platform that streamlines HR procedures.


What are the top nonprofit tools for effective people management?

Effective people management techniques prioritize employee experience and engagement while striking a balance between company culture and productivity. All things considered, leading a diverse staff can be difficult. Therefore, there is a need to unite your team and ensure there are no communication gaps, regardless of the size or composition of your organization. Also, to guarantee the development, well-being, and productivity of your team, managers can choose to leverage people management tools.

In this article, we will consider some of the top people management tools for nonprofits. 

1. Rise 

The platform believes that growing your workforce also means growing your organization. Hence, Rise prioritizes employee growth over other factors related to people management. By and large, the tool allows you to reward job transitions, anniversaries at work, and birthdays, and showcase the talents and interests of employees. Also, its organizational charts can assist recruits in gaining a better understanding of your nonprofit structure and the relationships among staff members. Leaders can better identify gaps in their roles and make more informed hiring decisions.

Essentially, Rise provides you or your staff with the convenience of having real-time, remote access to data while keeping up with updates. Also, because all platform updates are automatically synchronized, your data is always current. 

2. The Access Group 

The Access Group opines that your entire people strategy can be connected to and transformed through effective people management. As a result, Access People Management software ensures compliance, automates HR procedures, lowers expenses, and establishes a single source of truth. By gaining a bird’s-eye perspective of your staff in real-time, the tool allows you to view insightful reports on important HR metrics that are simple to create. 

Also, HR managers can have more power to make data-driven choices, support business goals, and build the reputation of team members. With Access software, you can provide your staff with the quality mobile user experience and round-the-clock self-service access they demand, regardless of their location or device.

3. Zoho People

Zoho People is a user-friendly HR system that can be used to effectively collaborate, manage, and engage your employees. Additionally, all the resources you require to create a motivated staff are included in the people management software. 

HR involves a wide range of intricate procedures and tasks. Conversely, the tool allows you to handle all of your HR procedures and spend more time with your employees. Essentially, all the resources required to support your HR team and employees in being productive, up-to-date, and efficient while on the go are available on Zoho People. The easy-to-use platform can also be used for creating and managing training programs for your organization. This includes assisting your team in learning new skills, developing courses, and monitoring staff advancement.

4. Lattice 

Lattice is an AI-powered people platform that streamlines HR procedures and boosts output. The tool allows you to determine who your best employees are, and maintain operational excellence. Lattice is an adaptable solution that can be customized to create a culture of ongoing accountability, growth, and feedback, enhancing performance for both managers and employees. Also, employees may interact, solicit feedback, and take charge of their professional development with the help of this intuitive tool. 

5. ubiHRM

The ubiHRM platform handles all aspects of HR automation. This enables HR professionals to automate all areas of their HR process including hiring, skill profiling, training, performance management, leave administration, attendance monitoring, and payroll creation. Overall, nonprofits can leverage this tool to effectively monitor employee attendance. 


Organizational and personnel development are dependent on effective people management. Likewise, employee engagement is impacted by people management. Hence, it is best to implement best practices that can improve workplace efficiency and foster a positive organizational culture.

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