Funding Opportunities for Nonprofits Focused on Climate Change

Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

It is estimated that less than 2% of philanthropic funding is currently allocated to climate change action, despite widespread concern. Also, according to estimates, just 2-3% of all donations in the US go towards funding climate change resilience. Now more than ever, there is a need to prioritize funding opportunities that address climate change. 


Climate change
Climate change


  • Chesapeake Bay Trust provides more than $10 million in grant funding annually. 
  • The Bezos Earth Fund is dedicated to promoting advancement and innovation in several crucial fields to ensure a sustainable and just future. 


Top 5 funding opportunities for climate change nonprofits 

In this section, we will consider various funding opportunities for nonprofits addressing climate change. 

a. Chesapeake Bay Trust

Chesapeake Bay Trust provides more than $10 million in grant funding annually to hundreds of nonprofits and community organizations in its region. The fund is essentially for practical projects that guarantee the long-term health and cleanliness of the Youghiogheny, Coastal Bays, and Chesapeake watersheds. By and large, three main goals underpin their work: community engagement, demonstration-based restoration, and environmental education.

b. Climate Change Fund (Founders Pledge)

Secondly, the Climate Change Fund provides funding for bold advocacy. Primarily, the organization concentrates its grantmaking on successful nonprofits that raise significant sums of money through thought leadership and policy advocacy targeted at changing the larger discourse and spreading ideas. This also involves advocating against carbon lock-in in developing nations.

In addition, the Climate Change Fund prioritizes underutilized solutions such as carbon removal, carbon capture and storage, and industrial decarbonization tools. By identifying and supporting critical advocacy opportunities, the fund seeks to accelerate the pace of low-carbon innovation.

c. Green Climate Fund (GCF)

GCF prides itself as the largest climate fund globally. Hence, the fund leverages a country-owned partnership approach, flexible financing options, and climate investment know-how to speed up revolutionary climate action in developing nations.

Through faster, easier, more standardized, locally accessible delivery of services, and increased funding, GCF seeks to improve access for developing nations.

d. Bezos Earth Fund 

To combat climate change and preserve the environment, the Bezos Earth Fund was founded with the largest-ever charitable pledge. Likewise, the fund upholds ten guiding principles to help make decisions in achieving its mission.

The Bezos Earth Fund is dedicated to promoting advancement and innovation in several crucial fields to ensure a sustainable and just future. Most importantly, combating climate change and preserving the environment are its top priorities. However, joint efforts are being made to pinpoint the most promising opportunities and how to allocate funds.

e. GEF Small Grant Program (SGP)

SGP provides funding for neighborhood-based programs that tackle environmental problems worldwide. As a result, the organization provides grants of up to $50,000 and also awards $25,000 grants. 

Furthermore, SGP offers strategic projects up to a maximum of $150,000. These bigger projects cover a large number of communities within important landscapes or seascapes and enable the scaling up and replication of successful approaches. Since its inception in 1992, SGP has supported 136 countries and welcomes close collaboration with other GEF projects and programs.


To sum up, it is evident that a plethora of issues are already being caused by climate change. It is also evident that the issues will worsen in the absence of significant action. For this reason, the charitable industry as a whole as well as professionals need to become informed, engaged, and passionate. The various climate change funds can be accessed by nonprofits of all types and sizes. 

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