Top Five Volunteer Organizations in Botswana

Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

Volunteer organizations have unique characteristics that distinguish them from other institutions. Essentially, volunteer organizations may make a profit, this however is not their primary purpose. Profits may be used to enhance or expand services and are not distributed to individual shareholders.


Volunteer organizations
Volunteer organizations


  • Volunteers are significant contributors and are integral to building resilient communities.
  • Volunteer organizations make public services available to poor and rural communities.
  • Stepping Stones International empowers youth through a holistic program model.


What are the top volunteer organizations in Botswana?

In this article, we will consider some of the volunteer organizations in Botswana that are making significant contributions both within and outside the country.

1. African Conservation Foundation

African Conservation Foundation is home to a variety of animals including some rare and endangered species and a diverse array of reptile, amphibian, and bird species. The nature reserve has contributed significantly to re-establishing Botswana’s white rhino population following a massive decline a few years back. Also, the organization is the country’s only formally recognized wildlife rehabilitation center and orphanage.

Over the years, the reserve has established itself as Botswana’s foremost Environmental Education destination. Overall, nearly 10,000 schoolchildren visit the reserve on an annual basis.

2. HOPE Worldwide

HOPE Worldwide addresses the issues of poverty by strengthening communities through sustainable and innovative ways. The faith-based nonprofit comprises a global network of volunteers, churches, and corporate partners. All parties work together to deliver much-needed relief in a disastrous event.

By and large, the Hope Foundation partners with neighbors in need, equip volunteers, respond to disasters and strengthen communities to inspire greater hope in the world. The organization was founded in 1991 in response to the call of the Scriptures to serve the poor, sick, and suffering throughout the world.

3. Stepping Stones International

Stepping Stones International empowers youth through a holistic program model. Young ones are educated on life skills, leadership, psychosocial support, and community mobilization. The goal is to enable youth to heal from the scars of the past and reconnect with their lost childhood while growing into self-sufficient young adults.

About 27% of all orphans in Botswana are between the ages of 14 and 17 years. As a result, many teenage children take on the role of caregivers and are denied education, inadequate health care, and protection from abuse. These issues have prevented some of the young ones from experiencing a rudimentary form of growth and maximizing their potential. SSI provides vital services that allow these young individuals to flourish and overcome their circumstances.

4. Caritas Botswana

Caritas Botswana also referred to as the Tirisanyo Catholic Commission, was established in 1984. The organization empowers communities in the fight against poverty. Also, the agency is the development arm of the Catholic Church in Botswana. Primarily, the organization serves as an umbrella body for the development of humanitarian organizations in the country.

Caritas Botswana seeks to foster integral human development through grassroots organizations that fight against pandemics. The organization also works with NGOs to eradicate poverty, improve infrastructure in communities, and provide social services for the disabled.

In a country where thousands of people live with HIV and AIDS, Caritas Botswana’s intervention is critical in fighting the spread of the disease. Also, the organization takes care of vulnerable children and orphans by operating over 20 preschool centers. These centers provide training to preschool teachers. Likewise, over 700 orphans and vulnerable children are given access to education, nutrition, welfare, and health.

5. Botswana Red Cross Society

Botswana Red Cross Society is a voluntary relief movement that serves individuals and communities in the country. The Health and Care Program is an arm of the institute that coordinates and manages all health and social care activities of the National Society. The body also provides technical guidance and advice to the National Society.

In addition, the Branch Development Program comprises a different arm that addresses youth and volunteer management. Primarily, the program recruits volunteers without consideration of race, sex, class, religion, or political beliefs.

The Rehabilitation Services Program (RSP) on the other hand is one of the Botswana Red Cross programs through which the society fulfills its mandate by reaching out to the most vulnerable in the community.


Volunteers are significant contributors and are integral to building resilient communities. Also, volunteer organizations make public services available to poor and rural communities. By and large, both parties contribute to promoting community development.

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