The Best Charities to Donate to in South Africa

Jon Tyrell

Jon Tyrell

Charitable giving is a great privilege. Finding the best charities to donate to can be a chore, but we hope this article helps you in that endeavor. Giving has the power to change the entire world in a way that nothing else can. Hence, one of the most worthy causes to carry out is donating to or volunteering for a charity. There is no greater way to express love. In your little way, you can give and improve the world around you. 


best charities to donate to
best charities to donate to


  • You can decide the best charities to donate to by getting to know their causes and interest.
  • The donations you make will support your cause and that of these organization(s)

What are some of the best charities to donate to in Australia?

If you are looking to make donations to nonprofits in South Africa, you may choose to consider one of these six nonprofit organizations. 

1. Food and Trees Africa

Food and Trees Africa is a non-governmental organization whose main objective is to improve the quality of life in Africa.

This group believes that human-centered climate change is a critical environmental emergency. Hence, it ranks among one of the greatest charities to donate to. This nonprofit understood the need to stop the regional practices that were endangering Africa’s landscapes. As a result, a  greener, healthier, and more beautiful environment can be achieved.

Food and Trees Africa is the only social enterprise in South Africa that focuses on greening, climate change action, food security, and sustainable natural resource use and management. We love the fact that they educate people about eco-living. The nonprofit also teaches people how to grow food in natural ways. 

2. SOS Children Villages

Children who are unable to live with their original families are given families by this international organization. Additionally, the nonprofit provides orphans and abandoned kids with homes so they can grow up in a family setting.

For youngsters that require parental love and care, SOS Children Villages established a network of care villages. They also provide a network of facilities for community and family strengthening. The nonprofit seeks to show youngsters the affection and support of parents.

SOS Children Villages also tops the list of the best charities to donate to. Giving children the opportunity to experience a loving and supportive environment is definitely a worthy cause.

3. Greenpop

Many trees have been lost and the world has been devastated. According to Greenpop, less fortunate communities ought to be more lush and beautiful. Hence, they began their journey of planting trees.

Besides, planting trees has social advantages. It can alter how people view a culture or society. Greenpop enjoys assisting individuals and educating them about living sustainably. Therefore, if you want to support the green revolution, this is one of the best charities to donate to.


Joan Bown, Marilyn Hoole, and Emma Geary-Cooke began their journey by assisting dogs and cats in the destitute Masiphumelele neighborhood. Afterward, they established a group that looks out for them. This over time led to the formation of The Emma Animal Rescue Society (TEARS).

With approximately 50 employees and a location close to Masiphumelele, TEARS presently takes care of about 300 dogs and cats. They assist animals in receiving veterinary care and in finding devoted homes. The effective initiative carried out by TEARS makes it one of the top charities to donate to in South Africa.

5. Women Against Rape (WAR)

The Women Against Rape organization is a nonprofit led by Janine Rowley who was once abused as a child. We all know that abuse is not just sexual. It can also be psychological.

Hence, WAR began its course by delivering parcels filled with clothes and food to women who were raped. They also work on various initiatives to support women who require therapy. First of all, these women were provided a place to live.

Everyone adores Janine and WAR as the initiative empowers women to turn suffering into strength. The nonprofit obviously deserves to be among the top charities to donate to.

6. Living Hope

Living Hope can be considered an all-encompassing nonprofit. This organization draws inspiration from love. Their mandate is to support people infected by HIV and other chronic diseases.

There are four ministries within Living Hope working on community upliftment. They are – Living Grace which supports homelessness and addiction, Living Way which focuses on economic empowerment, Living Care which provides healthcare support, and Living Right which provides HIV education and support.

Knowing that Living Hope seeks to annihilate the hopelessness of sickness and poverty is a wonderful thing. After a wildfire started in Masiphumelele, this nonprofit generously contributed significant amounts of clothing, bedding, and hygiene products to assist the community.


Several charities in South Africa are known for their excellent services in communities. Hence, making the best choice can sometimes be difficult. This article seeks to provide some of the few nonprofits that are accomplishing a fantastic job of aiding South Africans. We urge you to learn about those changing the course of history so you might also support them.

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