Best Animal Charities to Donate to in Mauritius

Jon Tyrell

Jon Tyrell

Mauritius as a nation is renowned for its natural beauty and diversity of uncommon animal species. Also, several animal charities work to protect and preserve the animal population. These groups stand out for their support in saving abused animals as well as endangered species.


Animal charities
Animal charities


  • Mauritian Society for Animal Welfare (MSAW) is committed to improving animal welfare on the island.
  • MSAW opposes animal breeding as a means to control the dog and cat population.

Best Animal Organizations in Mauritius 

The general public can also contribute to and support efforts to conserve and maintain priceless animal species. Hence, if you are concerned about animal welfare in Mauritius, consider supporting these remarkable animal organizations.

1. The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation 

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) is an innovative non-governmental organization dedicated to protecting and securing the Island’s most endangered animals. By and large, MWF has been in conservation for not less than 40 years and has been pivotal in preventing many endangered species from going into extinction. Some of the animals that have been preserved include the Mauritius Kestrel, Pink Pigeon, and Telfair’s Skink. To secure the long-term survival of these rare creatures, the group focuses on habitat restoration, captive breeding, and reintroduction projects. By giving to MWF, you assist their conservation efforts and aid in preserving Mauritius’ biodiversity.

2. Reef Conservation Mauritius 

Mauritius is an island nation with a diverse marine ecosystem and is bordered by colorful coral reefs. The non-profit group, Reef Conservation Mauritius (RCM) has been at the forefront of preserving and rebuilding coral reefs in Mauritius. With your support, RCM labors to resolve pending issues such as pollution and climate change and spread awareness about the value of coral reefs through its research, education, and community involvement projects.

3. Animal Welfare and Rehabilitation Center

Animal Care and Rehabilitation Centre (AWRC) is one of the most famous Animal care organizations in Mauritius. Primarily, their singular objective is to take care of animals who have sustained injuries, been abandoned, or were subjected to abuse. Furthermore, AWRC provides stray animal shelters, veterinary treatments, and adoption programs. The group also carries out educational initiatives to promote responsible pet ownership and the care of animals. By donating to the AWRC, you can instantly improve the lives of needy animals and contribute to the welfare of an animal-friendly culture for both domestic and wild species.

4. Mauritian Society for Animal Welfare)

Mauritian Society for Animal Welfare (MSAW) is committed to improving animal welfare on the island. Also, their programs range from sterilization clinics and animal rights activism to public education campaigns and animal security and shelters. MSAW openly speaks against animal abuse and works to uphold laws that protect animals from abuse. Assisting MSAW helps them in their fight for the rights of animals and in advancing the more humane and ethical treatment of wildlife in Mauritius.


In summary, supporting well-established animal organizations through donations directly enhances the welfare of countless animals and contributes to wildlife conservation. Your contributions play a vital role in safeguarding vulnerable species, providing care for homeless animals, and promoting a compassionate society.

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