Charity Grants for Nonprofits in Tanzania

Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

Charity grants are awarded to nonprofits following an application process to fund the organization’s activities or projects. Hence, these grants can be considered revenue streams to assist nonprofits in carrying out various operations. 

In this article, we will consider some of the most accessible charity grants for nonprofits in Tanzania. 


Charity grants
Charity grants


  • The effectiveness of a nonprofit largely depends on its access to funds.
  • Hence, charity grants are most valued by NGOs as they provide bulk funding to support large scale projects.


Where can NGOs obtain charity grants in Tanzania?

Various corporations and institutions are known to provide funding for nonprofit initiatives. Also, more funding providers are embracing support for small and grassroot NGOs. 

The five charity grants outlined in this article can be accessed by both small and large nonprofits in Tanzania. 

1. The U.S. African Development Foundation (USADF) 

The USADF supports grassroots nonprofits in Africa through charity grants and various support initiatives. Generally,  the organization prioritizes local economic development across marginalized communities. 

For over 40 years, USADF has worked with local communities to bring about sustainable results. Also, its small scale grants have funded projects that promote development for people and communities. 

USADF support for grassroot communities and projects have contributed in the development of resilient communities even across fragile, and conflict-prone regions in Tanzania and Africa. 

2. The GEF Small Grants Programme 

The GEF Small Grants Programme was established in 1992 to promote sustainable developments in local regions. Even so, charity grants are given directly to community based organizations, NGOs and local communities. 

Its motto “thinking globally acting locally” seeks to spur community action by supporting local initiatives with the ability to create impact even beyond the communities. 

These organizations must address one or more of these issues: Biodiversity, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, Land Degradation and Sustainable Forest Management, International Waters and Chemicals.

Primarily, GEF provides financial and technical support to nonprofits working to restore the enviroment and improve the standard and well-being of people. 

3. U.S Embassy in Tanzania 

The U.S. Embassy provides charity grants to nonprofits through its Ambassador’s Special Self-Help fund. 

The Self Helf initiative began in 1964 in Togo and later expanded to other countries. By and large, the program seeks to assist grassroot organizations that carry out community-based development projects. Hence, the embassy prioritizes small, community-led projects that impact Tanzanian communities. 

Over $2.2 million in awards have been disbursed to address various community projects in Tanzania. However, only registered nonprofits are awarded grant funding. Also, organizations must have been existence for at least a year before the date of application. 

4. Friends of Tanzania

Friends of Tanzania provides a platform for its members to promote community development initiatives in Tanzania. Among FOT’s areas of interest include education, agriculture, environment, health, and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), among others. 

The organization, for over 30 years, has provided charity grants to nonprofits to undertake small projects across rural Tanzania. 

Also, a large number of FOT members were once Peace Corps Volunteers in the country. Others are reported to have lived in Tanzania. A few FOT providers on the other hand come from East Africa, while some have shared connection in the country. 

5. Foundation for Civil Society (FCS) 

Foundation for Civil Society is a Tanzanian nonprofit that offers charity grants and empowerment services to civil society organizations. 

For over 15 years, FCS has empowered 5000 nonprofits across the country. Also, over 30 million Tanzanians have benefited from its support program. This makes the foundation the top grant issuing organization in Tanzania with the most extensive reach in the grassroots. 

FCS was established by development stakeholders in Tanzania to provide the needed resources and support to nonprofits. 


The effectiveness of a nonprofit largely depends on its access to funds. Hence, charity grants are most valued by NGOs as they provide bulk funding to support large scale projects.  

NGOs in Tanzania seeking funding opportunities can consider any of these five charity grants. 

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