Charity Grants for Nonprofits in Singapore

Cersai Stark

Cersai Stark

Charity grants provide the bulk of the revenue for nonprofits. Hence, seeking funding options constitutes a recurring process for organizations that intend to undertake various projects. Also, sourcing for funds requires relevant and quality search.

In this article, we will consider some of the most accessible grants for nonprofits in Singapore.


Charity grants
Charity grants


  • Several organizations provide charity grants through their unit of corporate responsibility.
  • Also, some foundations are established to supply funding to assist nonprofits in carrying out community projects.


Where can NGOs obtain charity grants in Singapore?

Several organizations provide charity grants through their unit of corporate responsibility. Also, some foundations are established to supply funding to assist nonprofits in carrying out community projects. The charity grants outlined in this article are allotted by both organizations and foundations. Likewise, both small and large nonprofits can gain access to these funds. 

1. Community Foundation of Singapore 

The Community Foundation of Singapore considers nonprofits whose objectives align with its grantmaking priorities. All applicants must carry out impactful programs backed by research and information. Also, these projects should be able to solve community needs in Singapore.

All grant applicants must come from recognized charitable organizations that have no religious or political affiliations. Likewise, nonprofits must provide services in these areas: poverty relief, education, health, arts, environment, sports that advance health, etc.

Furthermore, all nonprofits must have the ability to create a sustainable impact and carry out agreed deliverables. This comprises making available indicators that measure the future outcome or effect of the program.

Above all, charities should establish good stewardship of funds to help maintain strong donor relationships and sustainable programs. All project undertaking must be confined to the community of Singapore  

2. SPH Foundation Limited 

SPH Foundation Limited is a registered charity with the mission to build a thriving community that fosters diversity, education, creativity and active citizenry. The foundation’s charity grants seek to support nonprofits that advocate learning, arts and creativity, healthy living, and community aid for the less privileged.

SPH understands the challenges of nonprofits, especially in the area of financial aid. Hence, the foundation seeks to solve this challenge by providing grants to nonprofits that serve the children, youth, and underprivileged in the community. 

SPH is a registered charity and does not provide grants to nonprofits that support just individuals rather than communities. Likewise, the organization does not fund overseas projects that do not benefit communities in Singapore. Projects that only serve a particular sect or group of persons such as religious or political groups are also not considered for grants. Above all, these projects must align with the objectives of SPH. 

3. Charities Capability Fund (CCF)

The Charities Capability Fund (CCF) seeks to improve the well-being of registered and tax-exempt nonprofits as well as Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs). CCF provide charity grants support in the area of productivity, operational efficiency, governance and management capabilities. 

The various grants comprise the CCF Training Grant, CCF Consultancy Grant, CCF Shared Services Grant, CCF Info-Communications Technology (ICT) Grant and CCF Collaboration Grant. 

Also, the organization determines the number of funds by the size of the nonprofits. All organizations are grouped into three classes: small, medium and large according to their gross annual receipt. 

However, nonprofits that intend to apply for CCF funding are not allowed to receive any funding from other government sources that address the same purpose of CCF.

4. Tote Board 

The Tote Board’s Fund-Raising Program began in 2006 to provide various community support for charities. Even so, the organization has existed before then and has approved over $10 billion in grants since 1988.

Tote Board through the assistance of nonprofits have aided vulnerable groups and established thriving and vibrant communities. Furthermore, the organization has supported thousands of fundraising projects by nonprofits. 

Tote Board primarily funds projects that promote local charitable causes. Also,  these activities must align with Tote Board’s strategic outcomes. This includes a cohesive and caring community, equitable opportunities for vulnerable groups, and vibrant and liveable homes. 

All applications should be submitted at least 30 days before the event date of the actual project. Also, funds must be used to address the specific project submitted in the application form. 

5. Genesis Charitable Trust

The Genesis Charitable Trust also known as ‘the Trust’ was formed in 2012 to provide charity grants and social investments to support communities. The organization seeks to reach marginalized communities that have not gained the assistance of traditional government or market-based solutions.

Charities that work within developing countries including Singapore can apply for charity grants. Also, the charitable trust welcomes nonprofits that fund unique projects. Among such includes creating sustainable income, and reaching marginalized communities that have not gained the support of traditional government. 

Income-generated projects are easily considered by the organization. Other support projects by the Trust include enterprise development, vocational empowerment for marginalized communities, and skills training, among others. 

All nonprofits seeking to apply must adhere to the organization’s criteria. Only registered charities are considered for grants. Likewise, these nonprofits must serve the needs of disadvantaged and under-served communities.

There are no minimum or maximum grant values at the application stage. However, grants may hardly exceed $300,000.   


Charity grants are an effective source of revenue for nonprofit activities. Hence, charities are required to seek various funding opportunities to keep projects running. 

Nonprofits in Singapore seeking funding opportunities can consider the various charity grants outlined in this article. 

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